We are the winners of "Big Selection" Round 1! Among 25 participants 7 projects received the highest ranking: Navigine, Navitec, Fingo, planner5d, Kula Tech, Witget, Ornament. 10426523_10203035125667230_4901971211580567004_n The event was held on April 8 in Hypercube (Innovation center "Skolkovo"). The expert jury summed up the results of the first round of "Big selection" and decided to invite all participants to the Startup Village, where they can present their projects.

About event:  Startup Village — best business and technology networking event of the year! The Enterpreneurial «Woodstock» in the Startup Village, Moscow, June 2-3, 2014. For 2 days only the Startup Village will host networking event where entrepreneurs, innovators, federal authorities, investors, scientists and students will be able to come together and exchange ideas in technological field, meet with peers and discover new creative potential.
Oleg Demidov Published:
Oleg Demidov