The companies Navigine also Huawei announced start of the joint solution "Indoor Navigation"

Navigine - The companies Navigine also Huawei announced start of the joint solution
15 OCT 2020 · 4 MIN

  On October 13, 2020 the companies Navigine also Huawei announced start of the joint solution "Indoor Navigation" which allows to keep track of location of people, transport means and infrastructure facilities in big buildings with an accuracy of several meters in real time. Development can find application in production territories, in the large trade centers, the airports, sports stadiums, concert halls and other public buildings with increased requirements to security and need to manage human traffic.

  As it was explained, the joint solution Navigine and Huawei does not require installation additional (and often expensive) infrastructures. In this solution the location of an object is defined, based on a signal from access points of Wi-fi or Bluetooth of transmitters. Access points of Huawei Wi-fi 6 with the modules which are built in by Bluetooth together with opportunities of the navigation Navigine platform will allow simply and with the minimum investments to implement positioning functions indoors with a necessary accuracy in infrastructure of clients.

  The platform offers a broad spectrum of options and possible scenarios of use. Among them: display of personnel, machinery and equipment in real time, laying of routes, tracking of history of movements on a time segment, creation of "the thermal card" (allows to gain an impression about the number of people in the building and density of visitors and employees per square meter), a task of parameters and points for patrol, informing that the person is in a dangerous or forbidden band. Thus, the user receives the additional tool for control of work of personnel, optimization of logistic business processes and security.

  The technology core of the platform allows to solve different problems of positioning: from zone tracking (10-20 meters) before exact calculation of coordinates of an object. At the same time a system can work with wearable devices and beacons of different producers.

  Among opportunities, it should be noted a possibility of creation of seamless transition between navigation in and outside of the premises. This effect is reached due to close integration data from inertial sensors GPS GLONASS, GALILEO and Wi-fi/bluetooth of signals. Besides, this navigation solution has power efficiency. Shutdown of GPS, use of MEMS sensors and Bluetooth Low Energy, use minimization cellular network and also optimal algorithms loadings processor and RAM provide the low level of energy consumption.

"We are glad to start of a product, joint with Huawei. The platform of tracking is compatible to access points of Huawei now. Corporate customers will be able to use already existing architecture of access points of Wi-fi 6 and for solving of tasks of navigation in premises and monitoring of provision of objects."

Alexey Panyov, the CEO of Navigine told


"Development of a local ecosystem – one of tasks in the strategy of Huawei. We are very glad that our partners actively use our technology practices for development on their basis of own solutions."
Xiao Haijun, the CEO of Huawei Enterprise in the region Eurasia


  Not only the organizations, but also their clients – for example, visitors of shopping centers should estimate convenience of the solution Navigine and Huawei. Having installed mobile application with step-by-step navigation, users will be able to plan the routes on the basis of the list of purchases, search of the interesting department and information on products, at the same time all information on the current location will be reflected in real time. Simple interaction with the application and visualization do search in the big premises convenient and fast that in turn promotes increase in interest and a customer loyalty.

  The technology developed by Navigine company fully opens itself in combination with the infrastructure equipment of Huawei AirEngine Wi-fi 6. Products of this series rely on technical advantages which provide the "smart" adaptive antennas 5G and algorithms accelerating operation of applications. Data application of solutions allows to develop a wireless network of the sixth generation on objects of any size, and the delay of network decreases from 30 ms to 10 ms. The last is especially important when it is required to trace quickly quickly moving object.

Elvina S.
Marketing Fairy, Navigine CMO
A marketing expert with 7+ years of experience in B2B, responsible for marketing promotion of indoor navigation and positioning services for 5+ years. Elvina is a mastermind for the GTM strategy of Navigine solutions and products