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4 reasons to use indoor positioning in the healthcare industry

Navigine - 4 reasons to use indoor positioning in the healthcare industry
24 AUG 2020 · 7 MIN

The modern system of navigation in hospitals and polyclinics is an effective tool of managing flows of visitors which allows reducing the time spent by patients in medical institutions. Equipping clinics with digital navigation technologies solves many important tasks. There are no queues at the reception desk, people don’t have to wait for a long time to get to a doctor or wander along the corridor in search of the necessary room. Every year more and more medical institutions are moving to the format of a ‘smart’ polyclinic or hospital. Navigine Company is ready to ensure the innovative approach to servicing patients and provide companies working in healthcare the effective platform for indoor positioning based on the iBeacon technology.


In 2020 the COVID-19 pandemic brought to the surface serious problems in healthcare of many countries, including lack of hospital beds, a long search for necessary equipment, problems with patients’ logistics, high workload of medical staff with an inability to give enough attention to all patients, etc.


Very often hospitals fail to assess correctly the emergency and allocate resources rationally. The question of prioritizing calls has become quite thorny and has caused a number of fatal incidents. People had to wait for paramedics to come for too long, queue in hospitals, get into overcrowded wards or even didn’t get a bed at all.


COVID-19 has already become the trigger which makes the whole world review strategies and approaches to healthcare services. Social distancing, protective barriers and all-round disinfection have already become a part of our reality. There’s no doubt that the wifi indoor positioning system in medical institutions will get in line with all these important and urgent measures that will help keep health and lives of millions of people.


There are several key cases that demonstrate the efficiency of indoor positioning in healthcare:


  • Patients wayfinding.
  • Medical staff tracking and searching.
  • Medical equipment tracking and searching.
  • Tracing contacts between infected people.

Navigation for patients

Medical institutions combine both elements of emergency and service. Here visitors can get timely treatment and care. It’s also important to satisfy those whose cases are not critical.


Waiting time is a basic KPI that has to be observed by hospitals. Delays in treatment cause not only visitors’ dissatisfaction but also can lead to tragic consequences.


Every fourth patient turns to the staff to be shown the direction. Now this routine function can be performed by the mobile application. Interactive maps, similar to Google Maps, perform navigation in real time choosing the optimal route avoiding closed zones.

The benefits obtained by implementing the indoor positioning system are obvious:

  • Reducing time for searching necessary rooms and personnel of hospitals or polyclinics.
  • Relieving additional information load from the staff.
  • Increasing safety and patient satisfaction.

Medical staff tracking

Time is a key resource in medicine, and the faster and the more carefully doctors act, the more lives are saved. For searching for the necessary room or equipment, staff or colleagues can use the mobile application. It allows choosing automatically the optimal routes and keeping under control the work schedule which is updated in real time and is always at hand.

One more feature which isn’t less important is the SOS button that signals emergency situations, informing about the place of an incident. Thanks to this option, the staff’s actions become more accurate and effective.

Medical equipment tracking and searching

Some difficulties are connected with medical equipment. The most important of them is ensuring immediate access to necessary equipment in case of emergencies. COVID-19 has shown how patients are sometimes in great need of ventilators. In order to save a patient’s life, it’s vital to provide a timely delivery of equipment, which is a key function of the indoor positioning system.

Navigine Tracking

Location aware platform for Digital Transformation of Enterprises.



Not less common problem is thefts and loss of expensive equipment due to weak control. Tracking systems let prevent loss of equipment.

The implementation of the indoor positioning system in hospitals can significantly simplify the process of medical equipment tracking. BLE-trackers, used for tracking, are attached to medical equipment, wheelchairs, beds and other things while signal receivers can be placed in the corridors and wards.

It will help track equipment in real time and build a route for a quick access to it.

Contact tracing

Traffic control used to be aimed at optimizing the flows of people and equipment in hospitals. Now it solves a new task. In the context of COVID-19, contact tracing allows analyzing data on movements of infected people and a possible risk of infecting by them other people.

How to start using the system?

The above mentioned technologies are able to make a global breakthrough in healthcare. Navigine is one of the most competent providers of indoor positioning technologies for medical institutions. Real cases prove the effectiveness of our solutions and their invaluable benefit for people’s health and lives.

In order to implement iBeacon indoor positioning technologies in the infrastructure of medical institutions, polyclinics and hospitals, you don’t have to employ your own narrow specialists and developers. As a working group, you can use IT-managers or any other department that deals with maintaining the enterprise computer systems. Their main competence will be communication and material management.

Navigine Company will help you not only implement indoor positioning systems in a polyclinic or hospital but also get a powerful tool for improving the quality of medical services in your institution. Its application will let you simplify working processes, reduce staff workload, and make visitors more satisfied with your work.

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Elvina Sharafutdinova