Adventures Of Navigine In Berlin

From 9th to 11th April, part of the Navigine team was in Berlin. During this time we met with Berlin Partners and Berlin Adlershof concerning the launch of the company's activities in Germany. Also, we have deployed our services at the first site in Germany for our German partner company Neofonie. Navigine - Adventures Of Navigine In Berlin

Our journey is not ending! We will meet you at Hannover Messe from 13 to 15 April! Navigine will demonstrate its new product Industrial Precision at Hannover Messe at the Skolkovo stand B01 in Hall #2.

Navigine’s Industrial Precision is targeted for:

  • Cellular carrier: to measure and improve cellular coverage in buildings when GNSS is not available.
  • Firefighters and special service units: operation control, team tracking and navigation inside unknown buildings underground navigation.
  • Detection of motion patterns: automatic call for help for people with disabilities in case of fall.
Navigine infrastructure-free Industrial Precision reliably provides sub-meter accuracy for indoor navigation based on sophisticated sensor fusion algorithms, pedestrian dead reckoning and model of human movements. Navigine’s firmware uses Inertial Measurement Unit - a set of gyroscopes, accelerometers, magnetometers and barometers - to calculate 3D coordinates. All calculations are done on the device. Collected coordinates can be transmitted in real time via Bluetooth to any compatible device or stored locally for later use.
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Oksana Bespalova