Agreement on strategic collaboration signed by Navigine and Huawei

Navigine - Agreement on strategic collaboration signed by Navigine and Huawei
06 APR 2021 · 3 MIN

Huawei, the world’s leader in the sphere of developing ICT solutions, and Navigine, a global supplier of integrated navigation technologies, have agreed on strategic cooperation.

Within the framework of technological partnership, the parties intend to concentrate on creating integrated solutions that allow performing high-accuracy navigation and object tracking inside buildings. The first joint project in this sphere was presented by the companies in October 2020 – Huawei and Navigine launched the common solution “Indoor navigation”. Thanks to using the Navigine algorithm and the newest Huawei Wi-Fi 6 access points with built-in Bluetooth modules, the system offers users a wide range of options: from monitoring staff performance to business process optimization and safety control (by tracking movements and informing people on entering the danger zone). Moreover, using the platform “Indoor navigation”, developers by themselves can create mobile applications and complex systems for navigation, analytics, and marketing, to improve user experience and the quality of service.

The high potential of the developed solution is also ensured by the simplicity of implementation (the turn by turn navigation system does not require any additional infrastructure) and a possibility to function with portable devices and beacons from different manufacturers, which creates additional benefits for a client and makes it possible to consider carefully the investments into the project. In turn, users notice a seamless transition between inside and outside navigation which could become possible thanks to using the Navigine navigation solution and intellectual equipment from Huawei.

In the nearest future, the possibilities of the existing navigation technology are expected to be used for developing and implementing personalized tracking systems on the client-side: big industrial enterprises, warehouses, airports, shopping centers, and other objects of large sizes and high requirements to safety.

the commercial director of Navigine


“We have made one more step for improving our collaboration with Huawei. The very fact of signing the agreement speaks about the good results of our work together; we set ambitious aims and move towards their realization. Thanks to the compatibility of the Navigine tracking platform and the Wi-Fi 6access points, clients can use the existing architecture for realizing their tasks connected with object monitoring and indoor navigation. It opens new market opportunities and significantly simplifies the process of local positioning technology implementation”.

the general director of Huawei Enterprise in the Eurasian region


“Huawei strategy involves building further cooperation with the international market and local players actively participating in the process of realizing the National Program “Digital Economy”. Navigine is one of the leading manufacturers of navigating solutions, with whom Huawei has already had successful experience of cooperation. We are sure that now, with expanding our partnership, we will be able to make an even greater contribution to the development of the technology sector and create a powerful ecosystem for early implementation of advanced technologies”.

Elvina S.
Marketing Fairy, Navigine CMO
A marketing expert with 7+ years of experience in B2B, responsible for marketing promotion of indoor navigation and positioning services for 5+ years. Elvina is a mastermind for the GTM strategy of Navigine solutions and products