25 Oct 2020 4 min


Last update 19 MAY 2023

How can staff monitoring help increase security and work efficiency?

Navigine - How can staff monitoring help increase security and work efficiency?
25 Oct 2020 4 min


Last update 19 MAY 2023

The optimization of plant staff performance is one of the main tasks of any plant manager. If each worker performs their daily tasks responsibly and accurately, the company will be able to develop successfully and reach set goals. But how to plan correctly and ensure clear control over performance in such a complicated sphere as an industry? Our system for improving staff security that defines the location of employees on a huge plant area in real-time will help you. Using this system, you can achieve coherent and effective teamwork, quickly react to extraordinary situations, and track necessary equipment, which will have only a positive impact on the efficiency of the enterprise performance.

Increasing enterprise security

The workers of large industrial enterprises very often face extraordinary situations that can lead to injuries and even death. For example, staying in dangerous zones which require special training and equipment (work with chemicals, gas, at high temperatures). In enterprises, especially in noisy workshops, there is also another problem – lack of audibility which can impede workers to react quickly to colleagues’ warnings about equipment failures, fallings, requests for help, etc.

So now many enterprises are searching for solutions for increasing employees’ safety. One of such solutions is implementing the platform for indoor navigation for manufacturing.

The scheme of working is very simple – the premises of the enterprise or a definite workshop, that is necessary to monitor, are fitted with special gadgets that detect signals (GPS, Wi-Fi, BLE) from the devices worn by the employees and transfer data for displaying it in a user-friendly interface on the web-platform. The worn devices can be of different form-factors:

  • protective helmets with sensors;
  • smartwatches or bracelets;
  • Smartphones;
  • specialized trackers.

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Staff performance efficiency

To increase staff performance efficiency it’s important not only to monitor their location but also to have full reports on staff logistics for analyzing and further working time optimization. Using the Navigine platform, you can control staff logistics more carefully and react faster to any unexpected situations.

Managers can monitor potentially dangerous zones – analyze which employees and how much time spend in “red” zones and then prepare an optimal working plan for them. Such an option can help reduce costs on bonus payments “for harmful working conditions” – some of the employees may not visit this zone.

Navigine Tracking

A location-aware platform for Digital Transformation of Enterprises.


Improving the security of personnel ensures enterprise security and improves working processes. The implementation of indoor navigation for industrial organizations can increase production efficiency, on average, by 30%, which is pretty good in modern realities.

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