14 Jun 2021 5 min


Last update 19 MAY 2023

How does an intelligent parking system work?

Navigine - How does an intelligent parking system work?
14 Jun 2021 5 min


Last update 19 MAY 2023

Navigation car parking solutions allow optimizing the work of indoor and outdoor parking, reducing the time for searching vacant places for leaving a car. To simplify the drivers’ life and make them loyal to your company, it’s high time to start thinking about implementing the intelligent car parking system.

Functions of smart car parking

The smart car parking system consists of sensors and receiving devices that scan the place and help to park your car safely. The main aim of the platform is to assist a driver in parking but additionally, the intelligent car parking management system performs many other functions that take a business to a new level of development.

Navigation inside parking lots

Thanks to the mobile application with the function of positioning, a driver can easily orient inside big and multi-level parking lots. The system ensures convenient navigation inside parking and helps to build routes to a free space. Such a system helps to:

  • Quickly find free places.
  • Simplify the search by directing vehicle flows according to the object occupancy.
  • Register the facts of entering/ leaving the parking lot.
  • Optimize the traffic and increase the capacity of the parking place.

Tracking the occupancy of parking lots at different levels

While entering multi-level parking lots, drivers often face the problem of finding free places. Looking for a place takes a lot of time. The parking lot car finder helps to solve this problem efficiently and quickly. It provides car owners with updated information on the availability of parking places, which allows reducing fuel consumption and parking a car as soon as possible.

The technology tracks the occupancy of the parking lot and sends the information to the cloud gateway where it is processed and directed to the network server. As soon as the driver comes to the parking toll booth, his phone gets a notification on the nearest free space. Moreover, the platform can create digital maps and build routes to the necessary level.

Possibilities of place booking and payment

Using the mobile application, car owners can book a parking place in advance and pay for it. The intuitive interface a ensures convenient review of free space available and makes the process of booking simple and quick. The payment is well organized and diversified.

Parking lot management brings many advantages to parking owners:

  • Providing analytical reports on booking in real-time.
  • Possibility to export orders and edit the terms of booking.
  • Improving the quality of service.
  • Increasing the client loyalty to the given parking lot.

Searching your car within a parking space

If a parking lot is big and consists of many levels, the driver can sometimes forget where he has left his car. As a result, after returning to the place car search can become a real problem. The smart car parking system can help to find your vehicle in no time. As soon as the driver enters the parking lot, his phone gets a message where the location of his car is started and the shortest route is offered. Step-by-step navigation ensures convenient access to the vehicle.

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Technologies for smart parking system realization

Navigine offers users the modern software product Navigine SDK that ensures the successful realization of navigation solutions for parking lots. The software implementation into the parking infrastructure is possible using the following technologies:

  • iBeacon – a system of transmitting data between beacons and Bluetooth devices. Car owners install on their smartphones the mobile app that receives the signals from the beacons and switches on step-by-step navigation to the reserved parking space or their cars in the parking lot. The iBeacon parking ensures high accuracy of positioning and doesn’t require high implementation costs.
  • UWB (Ultra Wideband) – a system of exact positioning based on registering short impulses at short distances. Low-power tags that don’t require high energy consumption are used for navigation. Transponders send radio frequency modulation that is detected by ultra-broadband receivers located on the parking territory.
  • Wi-Fi – a technology that can work on the already existing infrastructure of the parking lot. The system works on the tags that send signals simultaneously to several access points in the parking lot. To define the location, the platform uses RSSI and MAC’addresses so it doesn’t need any additional equipment.

Our company specializes in developing and implementing effective tools for positioning and navigation inside buildings. Cooperation with Navigine will let business owners develop precise and functional services to ensure productive parking performance.

If you have any questions or a business project, related to car tracking, feel free to fill out the feedback form or book a free online meeting.

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