21 Jun 2022 12 min


Last update 19 MAY 2023

iBeacon vs Eddystone

Navigine - iBeacon vs Eddystone
21 Jun 2022 12 min


Last update 19 MAY 2023

In recent years iBeacon technology and its analog Eddystone have gained increasing popularity. With their appearance, developers got the possibility to create new and advanced products in the sphere of geolocation and business representatives have acquired effective tools for developing enterprises and increasing profits. If you want to choose the best platform for content delivery, you have to get insight into the working algorithm of these two platforms (iBeacon vs Eddystone) and evaluate their benefits and drawbacks.

Eddystone features and operating principles

Eddystone system was presented in 2015 by Google. It was named after the beacon situated in one of the mountainous areas of Great Britain. The technology is based on the open Bluetooth® LE format aimed at using the beacon’s ability to transmit unique identifiers at small distances by means of Bluetooth® signals. In other words, the protocol is an extended version of Bluetooth® LE.

The format is available for every user under the source code Apache v2.0. The following packages can be transmitted by this standard:

  • UID – the main package with a unique 16-byte identifier consisting of 2 parts (6 bytes for a message and 10 bytes for a name).
  • URL – is used for sending URL addresses. Theoretically, when detecting a beacon, the system can follow the given link without converting the identifier into the targeted address.
  • TLM – is transmitted with one of the above-mentioned packages and includes the data on the beacon performance.

It should be noted that there are some limitations to Eddystone technology. For example, to make an iOS-based smartphone recognize a beacon, the Chrome browser has to be installed on it and the Chrome widget has to be located in the tab ‘Today”. Moreover, the user can’t choose URL addresses for sending. Notifications are received by all users who have the devices capable of recognizing the Eddystone URL.

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iBeacon key features

Apple Corporation presented iBeacon to the public two years earlier. It is a Bluetooth® signal transmitting protocol functioning in the following way:

  • Beacons are mounted in various parts of the area and, at preset intervals, they send Bluetooth® signals.
  • These signals are received by any equipment compatible with Bluetooth® LE within the effective range of radio beacons.
  • After receiving the signal, the pre-installed application activates certain actions – to send a greeting message or additional information, or offer to buy some goods or services.

iBeacon expands the possibilities of geolocation and offers complex solutions for the digitalization of companies, real-time navigation, and increasing labor safety. This protocol helps to create interactive maps of museums, shopping malls, and other institutions.

Differences between Eddystone and iBeacon

Many consider them to be different but in reality, Eddystone, as well as iBeacon, is able to deliver information about the location of objects to smartphones, and Bluetooth® beacons can follow the protocols. So, before purchasing, you should decide which platform suits you more. So, iBeacon vs Eddystone, what are the basic differences?

  • iBeacon is a closed platform, while Eddystone is an open one, i.e. the code can be changed and further updated.
  • Although iBeacon was created for iOS, at present it is compatible with Android, too. The second platform is compatible with all Bluetooth® LE operation systems.
  • Eddystone transmits data packages, such as TLM, URL, or EID, while its competitor can transmit Minor, UUID, and Major.
  • iBeacon doesn’t have special beacon APIs. Eddystone can function only with Bluetooth® API for iOS or Android.
  • iBeacon has a simple code structure; while Eddystone’s architecture is more sophisticated.
  • Eddystone can’t follow the URL from a beacon without the browser. iBeacon technology uses a special mobile application for presenting the UUID information.

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