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Impressions after attending the GEO IoT World 2017

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Navigine - Impressions after attending the GEO IoT World 2017

Our CBDO, Oleg Demidov, was invited to hold a presentation at the City-Wide Geo IoT session. This session reviewed numerous smart cities that have successfully rolled out location-aware networks, leveraged location intelligence, and social/crowdsourced data, etc. while building innovative cooperation with tech providers.

Geo-enabled IoT can help solving major issues of the 21st-century cities: urban growth, pollution, traffic congestion, waste of natural resources, etc. Oleg revealed some insights regarding developing location-aware infrastructure for smart and safe cities.

Other talks came from Bart Adams (Luciad) and Jean Michel Rosset (WYRES), giving answers on how has geolocation become an essential feature of IoT infrastructures.

The conference gathered 70 eminent speakers ranging from the smallest start-up to the industry giants. Along 16 thematic sessions, their insights, expertise and experiences gave bright perspectives for the Geo IoT techs and market.

After participation in the conference, we can outline the key trends in the industry: Indoor Location technologies nearing maturity, beacons market taking off, precision GNSS high potential, asset tracking unlimited opportunities, location intelligence and crowdsourcing.

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Oksana Bespalova
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