Innovestor Invested In Navigine

Navigine - Innovestor Invested In Navigine
23 MAR 2016 · 3 MIN

Founded in 2014, Innovestor is a Finnish FinTech company which offers a unique concept for venture investments in the Nordic area and Russia. ”Innovestor’s concept combines an easy-to-use digital investment platform available for everyone, with a professional VC-standard investment process”, describes Antti Parviainen, Chairman of Innovestor.

”Many investors want to choose for themselves where to invest, they prefer to own shares directly in the respective companies, as opposed to through a fund. Innovestor’s selection process is carefully designed, we do due diligence and negotiate attractive terms for the investors. We also invest in all the cases ourselves”, Parviainen explains.

Navigine is Innovestor’s first investment on the Russian market, and the company appealed to investors globally. The funding round includes participants from the Nordic area, Russia and the US. One of the US investors is John Ason, business angel and Navigine’s current mentor at Starta Accelerator Program in New York. Navigine has developed a very competitive B-2-B platform for developers and system integrators who need simple tools to create indoor navigation and tracking solutions, and received significant pilot projects from both Russian and international markets (e.g. Dubai Airport). As a result of the company’s unique technology, customers can save costs on positioning infrastructure. Due to a depreciation of Russian rouble, Navigine now also has a cost advantage over its Western competitors.

“In Russia, we want to invest in innovations developed by local top talents, that can be commercialized on the global markets”, notes Wilhelm Lindholm, partner responsible for Innovestor’s investment in Russia. Know-how is on a high level in the country, due to the traditionally strong position of science and research in the society.

“On markets covered by Innovestor, there has been an extraordinary amount of success stories, and we believe this trend will continue. We also see that our investment channel attracts interest in different parts of the world”, Lindholm continues.

Innovestor is a sponsor of Start-Up Village event in Moscow 2-3 June, 2016.

About Innovestor: Innovestor is a venture investor and provider of equity funding solutions in Northern Europe. For investors, Innovestor offers attractive opportunities to invest in carefully selected growth companies. For growth companies, Innovestor offers funding at competitive terms and valuable insight from a team of experienced professionals and industry experts. Innovestor offices are located in Helsinki, Stockholm and Moscow. Innovestor Ltd is supervised by Finnish Financial Supervisory Authority.


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