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Navigation Inside The Airports

Navigine - Navigation Inside The Airports
11 APR 2014 · 3 MIN

In december 2013, Yekaterinburg’s Koltsovo International Airport announced that it partnered with IT firm Sitiskanner to implement the first phase of Indoor Mapping, an interior navigation program built on top of Google Maps.Koltsovo Airport is the first Russian company to pilot the Indoor Mapping software. Google specialists expect more indoor maps to become available for Russian buildings next year.

Why indoor navigation in the airport is so actual?

The number of airline passengers constantly increases and is going to double in next 20 years according to the forecast of Federal Aviation Agency. Development programs Airport 2030 of most large international airports include the development of self branded mobile navigation solutions but currently this task is not solve properly in any world’s airport. Different airports solve navigation task in different manners: interactive touch screen in Dubai Airport, smart design in Schiphol, Amsterdam. These solutions have their drawbacks such as large installation costs or lack of interactivity.

Navigine SDK

Professional real-time Indoor Positioning solutions for mobile apps.



Mobile application for navigation inside airport helps passengers to quickly find the route to needed registration desk, gate, nearest cafe or meet fellow travellers.For airport benefits from app are the following:

  • Reduction of flight delays
  • Additional revenue from tenants and airlines
  • Tool for analysis of passengers and staff movements
  • Additional communication channel with passengers

Benefits for Tenants and Airlines are:

  • Opportunity to place high targeted geo positioned offers
  • Additional sales and communication channel with passengers
  • Analytics on passenger movements and promotion effectiveness
  • Opportunity for airlines to offer additional services (order food, newspaper, movies or rug right before the flight)

Navigine is one of the first to provide mobile service on the basis of navigation inside airport with accuracy of 1-2 meters using Wi-Fi and Bluetooth signals (no expensive infrastructure needed) and internal sensors of smartphones for both iOS and Android platforms.




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CBDO Oleg Demidov