Navigine Announces Cooperation with AetherIoT to Create New Solutions Based on Wireless Mesh

Navigine - Navigine Announces Cooperation with AetherIoT to Create New Solutions Based on Wireless Mesh
02 FEB 2023 · 4 MIN

Last update 02 FEB 2023

[Berlin, Germany, February 2, 2023] Navigine, a global provider of indoor positioning and asset tracking solutions, announced the launch of cooperation with AetherIoT, a global vendor of RTLSS (Real-time Location & Sensor Solutions), based on the technologies of Wireless Mesh (Wirepas). The partners develop new asset tracking solutions for various industrial scenarios, such as healthcare facilities, warehouses and manufacturing plants. 

Wireless Mesh is a mesh network created through the connection of wireless access point nodes installed at each network user's locale, characterized by decentralized and simplified infrastructure. Recently, many enterprises have started to employ the technology for developing solutions of asset tracking, as Wireless Mesh offers several advantages such as low installation & maintenance costs (battery-operated device that can be set up by anyone), ease-of-scalability, and 99.9% data transmission reliability. Wireless Mesh uses battery-operated location tracking tags and environment sensors to collect real-time data. This data is fed to router nodes (anchors), which transmit the data to the gateway via signal ‘hops’ that maximize signal strength while minimizing battery consumption.

The joint solution, developed by Navigine and AetherIoT, will be implemented in healthcare facilities, warehouses and manufacturing plants to improve business processes by establishing a reliable asset management system, consisting of Navigine’s comprehensive tracking software platform and AetherIoT’s high-end hardware based on Wireless Mesh technologies. The key advantages of the joint solution are low installation and maintenance cost, high scalability for various industrial applications and scenarios and reliability of the network system to ensure 99.9% transmission guarantee. 

According to the report “Real-time location systems Market by Component, Technology,, Industry Vertical, and Region: Global Opportunity Analysis and Industry Forecast, 2021-2030”, the real-time location systems market size was valued at $3.93 billion in 2020, and is projected to reach $39.12 billion by 2030, registering a CAGR of 25.7%. 

“Navigine is always happy to embrace new technologies for expanding capabilities of our location-powered solutions. We believe that Wireless Mesh will help us provide new cost-effective asset tracking applications for various industrial scenarios. Cooperation between Navigine and AetherIoT will bring new opportunities for both companies!”, said Alexey Panyov, Navigine CEO.

“We’re thrilled to be partnering with an industry veteran like Navigine – integrating best-of-breed hardware and software to better serve customers together. We fundamentally believe that Wireless Mesh technology, combined with the Navigine platform, scales cost efficiencies as well as reliability for real-time tracking and Indoor Positioning And Navigation (IPIN), raising the bar across industry standards”, said Gregory Lee, AetherIoT CEO.

Navigine is a global provider of integrated positioning technologies that enable advanced wayfinding and tracking solutions, with over 3000 implemented cases worldwide. The company assists developers and system integrators to create mobile apps and integrate enterprise systems for people navigation as well as asset and vehicle tracking.

AetherIoT (pronounced ee·thr IoT) specializes in Real-Time Location & Sensor Solutions (RTLSS). The company’s hardware products span multiple radio technologies – Wireless Mesh, UWB, among others. Its middleware platform provides normalized JSON data accessible by 3rd party software via API/SDKs.

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