Navigine Expands U.S. Operations with New Partnership with Pattern Group LLC

Navigine - Navigine Expands U.S. Operations with New Partnership with Pattern Group LLC
05 OCT 2017 · 2 MIN

Navigine announces ambitious new growth initiatives into the USA market following a Seed funding round of $900K in August 2017 from a pool of investors led by Finnish investment firm, Innovestor. Navigine announces today their choice of the boutique advisory firm, Pattern Group to assist in the expansion into the U.S. market. Pattern Group will coordinate in Business Development, Sales, Marketing, and Channel Development adding their Technology Sector expertise bringing new products, services and start-ups to market.

Navigine is an enterprise platform for precise indoor positioning based on Bluetooth LE/Wi-Fi/UWB infrastructure that has been implemented in over 500 commercial and public venues in 20 countries worldwide and has allowed developers and systems integrators to have implemented in over 50 mobile and web applications for Retail, Shopping Malls, Transit Stations, and Museums.

"Navigine is an indoor positioning platform with incredible mathematical computation in the background. Its mobile wayfinding and motion analytics solutions are truly unique in their accuracy, setup speed and affordability." 
John Ason - Angel investor

Navigine is also introducing their latest product development, an Online-to-Offline marketing and analytics tool that enables marketers to target advertising based on a highly precise customer location data. The tool provides an advanced tracking of in-store conversion and collection of customer data segments.

“We are proud at Navigine to announce our move into the U.S. market and believe that our partners at Pattern Group will help ensure that we maintain our prominence and status that we have developed in the European market and continue to maximize our share of what has been forecasted to be a $72 Billion market by 2025” 
Alexey Panyov – CEO and CTO

The major client projects are the following: 
●    Indoor positioning solution for SmartCart shopping carts in over 20 retail stores in Finland. 
●    Mobile passenger navigation through 9 major train stations in Moscow. 
●    Real-time car tracking solution in a Mercedes Benz repair center. 
●    Indoor navigation and analytics for mobile apps of major museums - Kunstkamera and The Kremlin Armoury.

The company currently has offices in New York City, and Moscow.


Oksana Bespalova