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Navigine Is Selected For HealthBox Accelerator

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Navigine - Navigine Is Selected For HealthBox Accelerator

Healthbox Studio program helps to get access to key decision makers on the market and enables companies to really rapidly evaluate, test and scale their businesses for the immediate challenges of the health care industry.

For start-up companies in the healthcare industry, coming up with an innovative idea and getting funded are just the beginning. It is critical that they figure out how to gain access to industry experts, key decision makers as well as resources needed to rapidly scale their businesses. This is where Healthbox and its industry partners come in. Trough Healthbox Studio program, early-stage startups learn how to navigate the complexities of the healthcare industry and how to position for growth in the market.

Navigine solutions for precise indoor positioning help to sharply reduce or eliminate poor wayfinding in hospitals. During the program, Navigine has managed to present these solutions to C-level of four top Los Angeles hospitals with the focus to secure pilot projects.


Navigine - Published:
Oksana Bespalova
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