Navigine Partnered With New Haven Hackathon

Navigine - Navigine Partnered With New Haven Hackathon
08 OCT 2016 · 2 MIN

Participants were able to engage in any of the three topics:

  1. Apps and APIs: Pull together data about train schedules and connecting to APIs and discover a better flow, develop an app or create an amazing visualization
  2. Virtual / Augmented Reality: with VR tools demonstrate an entirely new layout for the station, create experiences
  3. IoT Devices: make interactive signage, alarms, or helpful robots to assist people

As a partner of hackathon Navigine provided the platform for precise indoor positioning and advanced proximity communication via mobile devices. A beacon infrastructure was deployed at the Union station to enable the quick roll out of location-based services.

As well Navigine discussed potential usage of the platform in several cases that could be beneficial for the city, such as precise automatic localization of 911 callers, improvement of passenger experience via mobile wayfinding apps and leveraging location data to optimize and promote city services.

Navigine, global provider of precise positioning solutions, explores and implements new ways of urban living, offers location-based services and proximity technologies, fills the gaps of infrastructures in cities, transforming them into smart and connected cities. After 5+ years of research in indoor navigation systems, Navigine has developed solutions for public transportation with seamless integration of indoor and outdoor geolocation capabilities for precise navigation and motion tracking of people, equipment, machinery and other assets. Navigine has already few installations in city agglomerations across the Europe, USA and Middle East.


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Oksana Bespalova