Navigine Presented A Paper At IPIN 2014

Navigine - Navigine Presented A Paper At IPIN 2014
05 NOV 2014 · 2 MIN

Each one could analyze the algorithms and get the detailed answers to all questions at the stand with a set up poster during the poster session. Navigine developers also had a discussion with the researchers of the world leading companies about the main trends of indoor positioning market development as well as about new methods for improving navigation algorithms’ accuracy. Here, we gathered lots of brand new ideas, which will be integrated into our navigation platform in the nearest future.

This conference once again proves, that indoor positioning market is constantly growing, more and more application tasks appear, and development of positioning technologies interests such world companies as Google, Apple, Qualcomm, etc.  However, a simple ubiquitous and universal solution still does not exist: certain systems rely on special equipment and infrastructure, others - on accurate inertial sesnsors. It means that each task requires its own approach. The difference of “Navigine Indoor” is that our platform combines the complex solution of different tasks and provides accurate positioning on mobile devices while keeping easy and fast setting under any conditions.

About the conference: IPIN unites experts from all over the world in the field of  surveying, navigation, electronics and information technology to discuss current application tasks, demonstrate existing technologies and to share new ideas and knowledge. Researchers and developers contribute to the development of indoor navigation by presenting their reports, posters, exhibition stands and demonstrating live the performance of the created positioning systems.
Oksana Bespalova