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Navigine Provided Precise Navigation For The Forum Open Innovations

Navigine - Navigine Provided Precise Navigation For The Forum Open Innovations
31 OCT 2016 · 3 MIN

This most prominent event for Russian innovative development for the first time takes place at Moscow in Skolkovo Innovation Center - the so-called Russian Silicon Valley, the largest technopark in Europe. At 26th of October Skolkovo has opened its large new Technopark building (96,300 square meters, which is a size of 12 soccer fields) to the public and introduced indoor navigation technology based on BLE beacons and Navigine Indoor software platform for mobile application.

Dramatic size of the Technopark building, intensive program of Forum during all three days, including networking activities, creates high demand in navigation system as for staff and participants from all over the world, speaking many languages.

In partnership with RuVents, official event provider of Forum, Navigine has integrated indoor navigation solution for providing wayfinding option in the mobile application. It was the first experience of cooperation with such big events. In spite of a very strict deadline, setup of a navigation system, that included deployment of more than 300 beacons on 5 levels of Technopark Building was completed in less than 3 days. An easy and fast rollout of navigation system was a crucial moment for the choice of Navigine platform due to very tight timing for the Forum preparation. An additional benefit of navigation was self-sufficiency of it, it works without Wi-Fi connection or its very weak, which is a common issue on such big events.

Program of Forum includes more than 90 various events: panel discussions, presentations, lectures, workshops, pitches, hackathons and other interactive formats. Navigation on mobile app helps participants from different countries easily find locations of sessions, expo stands or any other places. Even without the use of permanent Wi-Fi connection, it is possible to create a route to locations from floor to floor. Moreover, the solution from Navigine transmits analytical data in real time to event organizers for visualization of traffic and usage of different areas. Photos of installation are here.

Forum Open Innovations is one of the largest events in Russia, harboring 14 000 participants, 600+ experts, and keynotes from around the world, 90 events with the cumulative business program lasting for 3 days. Every year Forum welcomes high-tech corporations, startups, venture industries, government officials, entrepreneurs and scientists, consumers and enablers of high-tech solutions.


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Oksana Bespalova