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Seamless Navigation and Tracking: How Do Systems Work?

Navigine - Seamless Navigation and Tracking: How Do Systems Work?
09 Dec 2022 16 min


Last update 09 DEC 2022

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Indoor navigation and asset monitoring don’t end just on the inside of the building. For many settings, such as college campuses, hospitals, and factories, it’s important to provide so-called "seamless" navigation and indoor-outdoor tracking. These solutions allow for smooth navigation/tracking between outside and inside the building within one app without additional effort.

What is indoor-outdoor navigation?

Indoor-outdoor navigation provides a dynamic path both inside and outside the building. With it, you can easily get directions from one building to another, using only a smartphone with the mobile app. This type of software can come in handy in various scenarios. For example, it can be used to navigate between the buildings of a college campus, hospital buildings, or parts of a large factory.

Indoor-outdoor tracking involves beacons attached to the building both outside and inside. At a certain cadence, the sensors send out signals with identifiers, while special readers pick up these pulses and send them to the navigation module for further processing (known as mathematical algorithm), where the location coordinates are calculated.

Navigine’s indoor-outdoor navigation platform is based on determining the location of a user. Various modern technologies are used for this, but Bluetooth® Low Energy is undeniably the most popular. Its implementation ensures high accuracy of location calculation, which averages up to 3 ft.

Depending on the requirements, indoor-outdoor navigation systems can fulfill the following tasks:

  • location determination;
  • building a route to the desired point, including between buildings within the territory;
  • real-time turn-by-turn navigation;
  • collecting geodata for analytics;
  • sending out push notifications with tips and other information.

Maps and navigation controls can be accessed through the Navigine mobile app. The system provides the same interface for outdoor and indoor positioning, which allows for intuitive use for both employees and visitors.

Benefits of Implementing Seamless Navigation

Seamless navigation (indoor-outdoor) is an innovative tool that allows you to optimize the working process of your business. It provides companies with several benefits, such as the following:

  • providing quick access to points of interest for visitors;
  • more efficient process management;
  • improving user experience;
  • obtaining advanced analytics to improve security and optimize logistics and business processes.

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Navigine's Open Source Solution

Navigine, a leading provider of indoor navigation and positioning services, offers part of its navigation library publicly available, namely a number of its own navigation algorithms that empower developers to create customizable and scalable indoor navigation systems. With Open Source, we enable businesses and organizations to leverage the power of indoor navigation, making it easier than ever to enhance visitor experiences and optimize operations. By utilizing Navigine's Open Source, developers can take advantage of the extensive range of features and tools available, enabling seamless integration of indoor wayfinding into their applications. To learn more about Navigine's navigation algorithms and the possibilities it opens up for indoor navigation, visit our page at

Where can indoor-outdoor navigation be used?

Seamless indoor-outdoor navigation can be successfully applied in any large facility and surrounding area. Its most effective application is at colleges and in parking lots, especially near shopping malls and stores.


Large educational institutions occupy vast areas and include a large number of buildings that can be hard to find. Thanks to outdoor-indoor navigation, you can avoid unnecessary issues and save time for students and visitors. Navigine’s system builds the shortest routes between buildings within the campus and helps the user quickly get to the point of interest. The system provides smooth navigation from the entrance gate, conference room or library to any place on the map of the university.

Shopping mall parking

When using a mobile app with a navigation feature, visitors of the shopping mall can easily navigate in large or multi-level parking lots. Bluetooth© LE sensors in the car park help the user quickly find his vehicle after visiting the mall. The indoor-outdoor navigation system for shopping malls records the fact of entry and exit from the parking lot, and, if needed, builds routes from the store door to the vehicle. This approach makes the consumer more loyal to the store and helps the company increase the capacity of the parking lot.

Indoor Navigation and Wayfinding BLE Kit - Hardware

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What is indoor-outdoor tracking?

The outdoor-indoor tracking system is a digital platform that provides positioning and monitoring of objects in a certain area. With it, you can determine the location of objects or assets and control their movement both inside buildings and outdoors. During this process, the program generates digital maps with different access zones, shows the pathways of moving objects in real-time, and also records the history of movements indoors and outdoors.

Just like the navigation, the platform is based on Bluetooth© LE beacons, which are installed inside and outside buildings. If needed, they are supported by GPS that determines the location of objects outdoors. Both technologies work simultaneously, which means that Bluetooth© Low Energy is used indoors, and as a user leaves the beacon coverage area in the building, a wearable device, a tracker, or a personal device provides a smooth switch to GPS monitoring.

Benefits of implementing seamless tracking

Seamless tracking allows you to track the location of objects in real-time. The system successfully resolves asset monitoring issues and has several of benefits, such as:

  • quick search for objects inside buildings and in the adjacent territory;
  • tracking the movement of assets;
  • rapidly receiving updates on emergencies both inside and outside buildings;
  • ensuring the safety of staff and equipment, eliminating the likelihood of collisions;
  • instant notification about equipment being taken away from the territory;
  • reducing infrastructure costs (no additional sensors need to be installed outdoors since there’s GPS available).

For which areas is seamless tracking suitable?

Seamless tracking is most often used in industrial plants and warehouses for precise tracking of goods or valuable assets.


The seamless tracking platform provides detailed information about the location of goods or equipment in a warehouse. You can track the movement of assets, determine their departure from the premises, and calculate the location in the open area of ​​the warehouse complex. If needed, you can set up analytics and use the received data to optimize your logistics processes. The software also increases the level of security in warehouses. Using it, you can control the movement of vehicles, prevent any possible collisions with other equipment and send notifications about possible unforeseen situations.


The platform is especially relevant for large factories with many departments, warehouses, and office buildings. It provides up-to-date information about the location of equipment and also allows you to control the movement of assets anywhere in the facility. Thanks to seamless monitoring, the management always knows where any forklift or vehicle is located and can easily determine vehicle downtime, as well as plan tasks for the use of equipment. The system provides positioning of moving assets on the map, which helps optimize logistics and minimize emergencies.

Asset tracking solution
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Navigine develops indoor-outdoor navigation and tracking systems and offers users software that provides efficient navigation and asset tracking.

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