26 Jan 2017 3 min


Last update 19 MAY 2023

Smartcart: Welcome To The Future Of Retail

Navigine - Smartcart: Welcome To The Future Of Retail
26 Jan 2017 3 min


Last update 19 MAY 2023

For this reason, Finnish company Smartcart has developed intelligent shopping cart solutions for retail & grocery trade. And this became a real breakthrough in the retail industry. Innovative personal shopping assistant helps consumers save more time and has the following features:

  • navigation through the store;
  • smart notifications about special offers;
  • store specific information;
  • recipes;
  • product searching.

This solution looks like an ordinary shopping cart equipped with a tablet. To provide users navigation technology, Smartcart has started a partnership with Navigine.

Navigine platform leverages tablet sensors and BLE beacons installed inside stores. It pinpoints the location of trolley within a store and enables alerts for shoppers about special promotions while they stroll in the supermarket. The joint system constantly analyzes all previous checkpoints and makes predictions, based on consumer behavior. After deep analysis, a consumer gets «smart» personal notifications on the tablet screen and can easy add promo items to the shopping list.



«Smart trolley» with Navigine platform works as a precise navigator for shoppers, providing the most efficient routes, based on the customer’s shopping list. We care about privacy and personal data of consumers, therefore our solution does not require cellular connection and does not capture any personalized location data.

Another beneficial use of such system is monitoring of visitor traffic. Navigine collects customer motion and behavior analytics inside the store and visually displays it as “heat maps” or “flow maps”. Such analytics of customer trajectories demonstrates an influence of offers to their routes. This data is necessary for optimization of internal logistics inside the store, product categories placement, promotions and marketing campaigns.

Navigine Tracking
A location-aware platform for Digital Transformation of Enterprises.


Implementation of Smartcart will bring a lot of benefits to the retailers. Here are the main:


  • Increased sales.
  • Increased market share.
  • Growing brand awareness.
  • Targeting by stores.
  • Influence at the point of making a buying decision.