Starta Capital Launches Accelerator In NYC

Six projects were selected to participate in the first batch from Starta Accelerator. The accelerator was launched in New York by Starta Capital Venture Fund. Navigine became one of the first companies that received the invitation to take part in the accelerator. Navigine - Starta Capital Launches Accelerator In NYC

Oleg Demidov and Alexey Panyov are in NYC now! During the three-month program, we will receive technical, administrative, relocation support, mentoring, access to speaker events, workshops and training sessions.

The program will focus mainly on three areas. The first - theoretical and practical knowledge from experts who have achieved success at the local market. The second - an entry into the information space and communication. The third - the start of sales.

Starta Accelerator is an initiative of the Moscow-based VC fund Starta Capital and is designed to bring together, inspire and accelerate the growth of select East European startups. This is the first program that aims to enable East European startups to gain traction in the United States and achieve seed and Round A funding. The main requirements for the applicants are MVP, traction in Europe and CIS countries and global adaptable business model.

Navigine - Published:
Oksana Bespalova