Success Stories From Navigine At Geo IoT World 2017

Navigine - Success Stories From Navigine At Geo IoT World 2017
24 APR 2017 · 2 MIN

The summer will have an amazing beginning with Geo IoT World - the conference that explores a power of location and analytics in IoT. It will take place in Brussels for the second year on June 6-8. “Where Geolocation Powers IoT Innovation” was selected as a theme for this year and it is dedicated to the new location-aware technologies boosting IoT opportunities:

  • The fast rise of Indoor location with Ultra-wideband (UWB) and Bluetooth beacons.
  • The nascent Low-Power Wide-Area networks with LoRa, Sigfox, LTE-M, NB-IoT technologies.
  • High-precision GNSS with the upcoming Galileo constellation.
  • The increasing number of market vertical using proximity services with beacons.
  • The opportunities offered by big geo data and crowdsourced sensor data.
Over 3 days, 70 speakers will deliver concrete expertise and use cases to innovate with Geo IoT. 30 exhibitors and 350+ attendees will further represent IoT, geolocation and analytics industries along with implementers in multiple verticals.
Co-Founder at Navigine, Oleg Demidov will reveal the secrets about location-aware infrastructure for smart and safe cities. Geolocation services can work as a platform for further implementation of Smart and IoT technologies. Thus location aware solutions are key for multiple smart and public safety applications in cities and require significant initial investments and clear monetization strategies. Oleg will share Navigine’s experience in development of successful projects in Public Transportation, Public Safety and Mass Entertainment. As well audience will get information about the latest developments in positioning platforms that enable multiple cases with positive ROI for cities.
Hurry up to buy a ticket for Geo IoT World and meet the best experts in navigation!
Oksana Bespalova