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The Capabilities of Indoor Positioning Analytics for Facilities Management

Navigine - The Capabilities of Indoor Positioning Analytics for Facilities Management
13 Nov 2023 14 min


Last update 17 NOV 2023

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In our rapidly changing world, businesses are constantly looking for innovative digital solutions to increase efficiency and optimize their activities. Indoor positioning analytics has become a powerful tool that allows companies to gain valuable information about their indoor spaces and objects. It increases productivity, makes businesses safer, and helps managers make important business decisions.

Indoor positioning: the importance of analytics

Indoor positioning systems (IPS) help accurately determine the location of objects in real time. When they’re implemented into the infrastructure, companies have the opportunity to integrate maps of their buildings, making it easy to find and track any objects.

Location tracking is carried out using beacons that are installed within the building and send out radio signals with unique identifiers. The signals are detected by reading devices and sent to the server, where they are processed. Next, the data with coordinates is transferred to a PC or mobile application on a smartphone.

When discussing what indoor positioning analytics is, it is important to note that it is part of the IPS system and provides users with a wide range of data regarding the location and movement of objects. Analytical information may include the following data

  • detailed reports on indoor traffic;
  • peak visiting times;
  • the most popular spots;
  • equipment downtime;
  • occupancy and space utilization, etc.

Analytical data can bring great benefits to businesses. Using indoor maps with real-time location of objects enables smarter company management. Geospatial analytics provides detailed data on asset placement, service time optimization, and other aspects of company operation that help the management make informed decisions to optimize business processes.

Navigine Asset Tracking Platform Interface

Data collection by digital tracking platform

What advantages does acquiring analytical data offer in the management of objects across different domains?

An indoor analytics system provides companies with great opportunities for business development. Depending on the topic of analysis, all the obtained data can be divided into two categories - monitoring visitor flows and tracking activities in certain areas.

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Visitor flow analytics

Identifying new advertising opportunities

Using indoor location analytics, you can obtain data on the time visitors spend in the building. For example, if a company plans to buy advertising space in an airport lounge, the management of a transport hub can provide information on the average number of passengers who may see the ad.

You can improve your company's marketing strategy by understanding what visitors seek. Indoor analytics allows you to offer customers various personalized promotions or relevant content that will increase traffic and revenue. For example, let’s say managers notice that visitors constantly look for food or drinks while visiting an establishment. In that case, they can send push messages from tenants (owners of food stalls, food courts, etc.) to attract their attention.

The indoor positioning system also allows you to send personalized notifications to customers. When a person passes by a store, a message is sent to them to encourage them to make a purchase. For example, you can inform the buyer about a 10% discount or send updates about a sale.

Improved space optimization based on movement

In malls and stores, analytics can be used for optimizing space. The system helps determine the most visited areas. This allows retailers to display their products, install promotional stands in popular locations, or remove them from areas that shoppers ignore.

If a large number of visitors gathers in any area of the building, the management can monetize these areas by installing a retail outlet or paid amenities. For example, at railway stations or airports, more shopping islands can be installed, and food courts or merch stands can be installed at stadiums.

Increasing workplace comfort

In large office buildings, the indoor analytics system can monitor the flow of employees in the free time zone and detect increased workloads. This way, additional places for rest can be created or the time/number of breaks during the workday can be revised.

Analytics of object actions in certain zones based on RTLS

Improving staff efficiency

Hospitals, warehouses, and factories are using indoor analytics to improve the performance of their employees. Through a real-time location system (RTLS), staff and assets can be monitored, helping employees locate the equipment quickly. Using analytical data creates opportunities to digitize various processes and carefully study the average workday. This helps managers optimize the workforce and improve productivity.

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Reducing accidents

Analyzing the movement of people, equipment, and vehicles allows us to reduce the number of emergencies at enterprises and warehouses. When using the system, you can do the following:

  • collect data on unauthorized entry into restricted areas;
  • control the security guards, including their movement around the territory and possible deviations from schedules;
  • identify safety issues;
  • increase labor discipline;
  • send warnings in case of an emergency.

Building optimal routes for vehicles and equipment

Analytical data makes it possible to build optimal transport routes in warehouse and production areas. Indoor positioning systems improve the visibility of equipment and vehicles and increase the efficiency of emergency response. With indoor analytics, it’s possible to track the movement of equipment and identify potential accident sites to eliminate collisions with equipment.

Navigine provides effective indoor navigation systems and a digital tracking platform, Navigine Tracking, with an indoor location analytics feature. We‘re here to provide qualified technical support and help with implementing the technology into the infrastructure of your business. For a detailed consultation, please use our contact form or book a free online meeting.

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