TOP-15 Events For Smart Cities

Navigine - TOP-15 Events For Smart Cities
15 FEB 2017 · 7 MIN

Smart cities aren’t some far-off dream of the future, either; some urban areas are already using big data to improve themselves. Navigine has made a list of the upcoming conferences and workshops to know what is happening in smart city development in the world. Listed below in chronological order are top picks for the best smart city events in 2017. 1. “Smart Cities” – Exhibition and Conference for South – East Europe
March 7-9, Sofia
Smart Cities is the only specialized event in Bulgaria in a format ‘exhibition – conference’. It aims to promote modern technologies and good practices that can transform our cities into more environmentally friendly and efficient systems. The event is a meeting point between solution providers and their customers. The participation in the parallel conference is a great opportunity to obtain information about trends, legislation and perspectives.
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2. Connected Cities USA March 29-30, Chicago Connected Cities USA is a new event covering strategies and technologies to bring smart cities to fruition. Hosted in Chicago, this event will feature a technical session track, exhibit hall, and multiple networking opportunities to learn, collaborate and educate yourself about connected cities in the US.
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3. Arab Future Cities Summit Qatar 2017
April 10-11, Qatar
AFCS is Qatar's largest smart city event. Over 450 senior executives from municipalities & government, developers, technology and sustainability experts, designers and architects attend each year.
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4. Smart Cities NYC
May 3-6, New York
SMART CITIES NYC ‘17 is the first conference and expo that curates the intersection of technology and urban life. Coming to you from iconic public spaces across New York City and the revitalized canvas of the Brooklyn Navy Yard, this unprecedented event features three engagement platforms, world-renowned speakers, and a multitude of public events.
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5. Smart Cities Week Silicon Valley
May 8-10, Santa Clara
With hundreds of smart city pilots completed around the world, it’s time to build on those lessons to conceive and execute next-generation smart cities. Join us for a unique chance to discuss how cities are leading the way in next-generation transportation, artificial intelligence and analytics, digital payments and citizen services, compassionate cities and other topics.
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6. Smart To Future Cities
May 16-18, London
Smart to Future Cities & Urban IoT returns to London in 2017 for its 6th edition; the only Europe-centric Smart Cities event to really focus on practical, scalable applications of smart city initiatives to improve infrastructure and quality of life.
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7. Smart Cities Symposium Prague 2017
May 25-26, Prague
The Smart Cities Symposium Prague 2017 (the third annual conference) aims at an exchange of ideas and best practices in the field of Smart cities. It covers whole range of topics, from the system point of view, through data mining and data processing, smart grids, up to multi-agent systems and other soft computing approaches.
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8. IoT Tech Expo Europe 2017
June 1-2, Berlin
Europe's largest and leading IoT event. The second day of the conference will cover the future of smart transportation, from consumer cars through the mass transit systems within our cities and beyond in terms of business opportunities, development and consumer adoption. Finally, this session will also discuss the emerging use of IoT technology in public spaces such as stadiums and schools.
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9. Smart City Event
June 7-8, Hague
The Smart City Event will be organised for the 7th time in 2017. This large scale event brings together about 1000 professionals from over 30 different countries. Concrete cases and projects from all over the world are being shared!
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10. Smart Cities Innovation
June, 26-28, Austin
Smart Cities represent the global vanguard communities addressing the growing resiliency pressures and opportunities presented by climate, population, energy and resources. The program will once again deliver North America's largest concentration of C-Level Smart City Leadership working towards innovative solutions for progressive city needs. Join us in Austin Texas as we expand our community of city leaders and solution providers, delivering an exciting “city first” agenda accelerating state-of-art solutions into global city practice.
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11. IEEE International Conference on Smart Grid and Smart Cities (ICSGSC 2017)
July 23-26, Singapore
We warmly invite you to participate in the ICSGSC 2017 program and activities and we are confident that you will find the program enriching, enlightening and rewarding. The smart grid is envisaged to be the next generation electric grid for Smart Cities. It enables the smart integration of conventional power generation, renewable generation, distributed generation, energy storage, transmission, distribution and demand management.
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12. Smart Cities
September 6-8, Chicago
The only 2-day Smart Cities event, where you’ll meet stakeholders from the public & private-sector ecosystems to help tomorrow’s cities face the challenges of growing urban populations with the latest IoT technology.
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13. Smart Cities Week
October 3-5, Washington
Every industry has its must-attend event. And Smart Cities Week® is North America’s must-attend smart city conference. You will meet the international experts that are leading the charge. You will mingle with hundreds of mayors, CIOs and other city decision makers. You will see the latest technology up close and personal. And you will build relationships that will help your company and your career.
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14. Smart Cities Smart Grid
October, 4-5, Paris
Intelligent, sustainable and connected city and territory. In a context of increasing urbanization, cities and territories must optimize their operations while reducing their costs. From transport to energy supply, from waste management to innovative urban services, all sectors are concerned.
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15. The Smart City Expo World Congress
November 14-16, Barcelona
The Smart City Expo World Congress is a leading summit for people to meet the most inspiring and advanced laboratories for exploring the future of our cities. Since its first edition in 2011, it has succeeded in becoming a referential global meeting point for public administrations, companies, social entrepreneurs, startups, research centers and citizens' initiatives that come together to show, learn, share, network and gather inspiration to support the development of our cities.
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