16 Nov 2021 12 min


Last update 19 MAY 2023

Devices for asset tracking and indoor navigation

Navigine - Devices for asset tracking and indoor navigation
16 Nov 2021 12 min


Last update 19 MAY 2023

To compete successfully in the conditions of rapidly developing technologies, companies must be innovative and effective. Navigation and asset tracking systems from Navigine assist in this. We develop software solutions for many spheres of activity. The implementation of such solutions into the company infrastructure is carried out using the equipment from our partners (trackers, tags, etc.) that is customized according to the needs of any client. Our company is a technological agnostic, so we can integrate practically all possible devices for localization in buildings.

Types of Equipment for Navigine Systems Performance

Conventionally, all the equipment for the navigation systems performance can be divided into two types – stationary and wearable. The choice of devices depends on the room features and specific tasks set by the client.

Trackers/ Beacons/ Tags

Stationary equipment can be installed in any part of the building. It is placed on walls and ceilings, shelves in stores, in other points, where it is necessary to track assets or people. While implementing navigation and indoor positioning technologies, we make use of the following devices:

  • iBeacons are tiny sensors that are installed in rooms and at certain intervals send radio signals. Special readers receive these impulses and send them for processing to the server. We use various types of beacons. For example, during the implementation, we can install the Anchor Beacon 2 devices from our partner These devices are equipped with the new chip Nordic Semiconductor nRF52832 and guarantee up to 8 years of autonomous work.
  • Asset Trackers are real-time tracking devices that can be installed on equipment, cars, working machines. With their help, one can control assets and increase their safety in any place of the building. An asset tracker performs monitoring in real-time, quickly detects unauthorized access to rooms, and sends instant signals in case of emergencies. The real-time location tracker is wireless, so its installation doesn’t produce difficulties. For solving the tasks of tracking, we often use the equipment from Teltonika.
  • Tags are tiny devices that are easily attached to objects. We often apply the tags QT1-1 from Quuppa equipped with a LED, a 3-axle accelerometer, and a programmed button. Devices can be connected via Bluetooth; they are fully waterproof and have a small weight of only 10 gr.

Navigine Tracking

A location-aware platform for Digital Transformation of Enterprises.


While choosing the equipment, we take into account the technologies that our clients want to use for implementing into their company’s infrastructure. They can be Wi-Fi, BLE, UWB, Wi-Fi RTT, and others that allow defining the location of objects in real-time.

Wearable Equipment for Assets and People

Our company can integrate into your infrastructure any wearable equipment that can be placed on people and can exchange data with receiving devices, the most common of them are:

  • Tags.
  • Smart hard hats.
  • Phones.
  • Smart watches.
  • Radio stations.
  • Bracelets.

The form factors of the equipment can be different depending on the needs of the business. At the same time, all the above-mentioned equipment makes it possible to define the exact location of visitors, assets, and workers for business process optimization.

Possible Scenarios for Using Trackers/ Beacons and Wearable Equipment

Beacons, wearable equipment, or personal trackers can be used for various business needs. Digital tracking platforms ensure effective asset tracking, navigation, marketing, object monitoring inside buildings.

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Asset Tracking

Thanks to Navigine software solutions and BLE beacons, enterprises get the possibility to track any moving objects, commodities, materials, or work vehicles. The BLE beacon system allows building interactive maps of premises, choosing the optimal route, or adjusting routes in real-time. The program defines various access zones and saves the history of movements for future analytics. The platform performs a wide range of functions:

  • tracking assets;
  • defining the location of objects in the building;
  • creating heat maps;
  • and others.

Indoor Navigation and Positioning

Navigine helps clients to improve the quality of customer service by providing navigation inside stores, museums, transport hubs, medical institutions, and other social places. For searching the points of interest, users should only have phones with the installed mobile application. Navigation is calculated thanks to the BLE beacon infrastructure installed inside buildings. The Navigine system builds maps with the indication of points of interest and creates routes to any objects inside the place.


Using the systems of navigation and the installed beacons, companies can provide users with interesting and relevant content. The platform allows sending targeted push notifications that contain greetings, advertisements, information on discounts and sales. Enterprises get a possibility to adjust local marketing campaigns that increase customer loyalty and contribute to the increase in profits.

Navigine is ready to realize software solutions based on various equipment from our partners. Irrespective of the applied devices, whether it is a beacon, a tag, or an asset tracker, we offer our clients effective solutions in the sphere of navigation that ensure faster and more effective business development.