17 Feb 2021 7 min


Last update 10 JUL 2023

Using indoor positioning systems for tourism and hotel business

Navigine - Using indoor positioning systems for tourism and hotel business
17 Feb 2021 7 min


Last update 10 JUL 2023

The pandemic, caused by Covid-19, has radically changed our lives. Tourism, which requires flexible management of the working environment, hasn’t been left behind. Tourists set higher requirements to the choice of a holiday destination, hotels, ways of traveling, and companies, working in the sphere of logistics and hotel business, have to adapt to the existing situation and improve the quality of their service. Hotel and airport indoor navigation will help in solving this problem by ensuring more comfortable conditions of accommodation and safety for tourists.

Navigation solutions for airports and stations

The indoor positioning technology at transport hubs is a simple and convenient way of helping passengers to orient in busy and confusing environments.

Convenient navigation in airports or stations

In large spaces are difficult for searching for necessary services. Internal navigation solves this problem and allows the creation of convenient solutions for moving around railway stations and airports. Interactive digital maps with points of interest help to create the shortest route to toilets, reception desks, entrances/exits, and other destinations. Using the mobile application, the user can easily move around the territory and find the necessary rooms in real-time.

Recently, navigation using QR codes has become increasingly popular at airports or railway stations. The system is based on special QR codes that are placed at the entrance to the building of the transport hub. Visitors have to use a smartphone and scan them, which will open an indoor digital map and allow for building the quickest route to the desired point. Additionally, the system will provide data on objects inside the station, such as flight schedules, information on promotions in stores or cafeterias, etc.

If you are interested in navigation using QR codes for airports, scan the QR code below and learn more about how the system works:

QR-code navigation

Interactive maps showing shops, dining facilities

Effective positioning inside the station or airport simplifies the access to getting information on points of sales or dining facilities. If a passenger, while waiting for his train or plane, wants to visit a shop or a café, the digital interactive airport map can build the shortest route to the required place. Using such maps can be beneficial both for tourists and for businessmen. The owners of sales points or cafés can track the location of passengers and send them to push notifications with various promotional materials. It can be the information on discounts, sales, bonuses, new dishes on the menu, etc.

Tracking luggage location before and after arrival

Different circumstances (technical problems, loss of luggage labels, weather conditions, etc.) can lead to the loss of luggage or the situation when it arrives at the destination later than the owner. Thanks to indoor navigation, passengers can check the status of their things before and after arrival at the station or airport.

The positioning offers infinite opportunities for baggage monitoring. The airport navigation app can locate baggage in real-time, get a notification on delays or search it in case of loss.

Moreover, the airport navigation system can generate and adjust analytical reports on moving assets and integrate the obtained data into the service delivery processes. Improving luggage management processes increases the safety of transportation of personal things and provides a more loyal attitude of the clients to the transport company.

Learn more about IoT asset monitoring.

Navigation solutions for hotels and hostels

Positioning andWiFi tracking in a hotel can radically change the impression about the hotel service. Navigation significantly simplifies check-in/check-out procedures, helps users to adjust the temperature and lighting in rooms, opens access to many other hotel facilities. The user’s smartphone turns into a room key and allows closing and opening the door while detecting the mobile device.

Interactive hotel maps

The biggest advantage of the system is an interactive hotel map with the possibility to track the occupancy of some spaces (lounge zones, cafes, etc.). It becomes an effective navigation tool that will be useful both for hotel guests and the staff. The interactive map can:

  • build routes to rooms and other places in the hotel;
  • quickly find the necessary zones (spa, restaurant, shops, conference halls, etc.);
  • create interactive tours around the object providing information on functions and certain hotel services;
  • track the location of a definite person, detect points of interest and send promotional offers.

Possibility for monitoring the occupancy of food courts and remote table reservation

Thanks to the positioning system, users can easily book a table in a hotel restaurant or cancel a reservation via the web interface. When a person comes to a café or restaurant, he doesn’t have to look for a vacant seat to have lunch or dinner. Using the mobile application, he can easily search the reserved table or see vacant places.

Business owners get the possibility to monitor the occupancy of the restaurant or café. Detailed analytics lets them reward loyal clients and give them bonus points for visiting their place and also send promotional offers or restaurant news depending on the guest location in the hotel.

Navigine SDK
Learn more about the professional Real-Time Indoor Navigation solutions for mobile apps

Social interaction

Mobile navigation inside the hotel can be integrated into social networks. Thanks to this approach, the hotel guests obtain a possibility to interact with other guests, send the data on their location to other social network users. Moreover, businessmen can expand the horizons of communication between the users using the function ‘find a friend on the map’. It is especially actual in cases when a hotel accommodates different delegations or big tourist groups. Guests are offered to use the mobile application to locate their friends or colleagues and move from online communication to real one.


In the future hotel business owners can use the obtained data for developing their hotels, resorts, passenger transportation. Using heat maps, hotel occupancy and asset tracking allow them to enhance client loyalty and perform analytics for business process optimization.

Navigine specializes in developing navigation and positioning systems for logistics companies and hotel businesses. With our help enterprises can ensure effective airport passenger flow management, improve booking and accommodation processes and also satisfy the high demands of tourists for the quality of services in the face of the pandemic.