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Using UWB technology for object positioning and navigation

Navigine - Using UWB technology for object positioning and navigation
23 SEP 2021 · 11 MIN

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We have already talked about UWB technology and its technical characteristics. In this article, we’ll try to describe in detail the peculiarities of the system, speak about UWB advantages, the drawbacks of its application, and also consider the main business tasks that it can help to solve.

What business tasks can UWB technology solve?

Ultra Wide-band is a protocol of wireless communication that makes use of electromagnetic emission at high frequencies. The technology is based on a wide bandwidth (500 MHz) that sometimes exceeds the minimal bandwidth for data transmission over short and long distances. This feature allows using UWB technology in geolocation systems and solving a wide range of tasks for increasing the efficiency of business processes.

Asset tracking for various spheres of activity

Companies can widely use UWB for tracking assets. Monitoring trolleys in stores, equipment at the production premises, and inventories are much easier with the help of UWB tracking. In sport the system makes it possible to track players on the field; in museums or exhibitions, it allows controlling the location of exhibits. This protocol can help to increase the safety of the enterprise, prevent thefts, and ensure the preservation of movable property.

Indoor navigation

UWB technology helps companies to increase the quality of service. After the implementation of the technology into the company infrastructure, users can get indoor navigation with the possibility to create interactive maps of the building in the mobile application. The Ultra Wideband positioning technology allows:

  • Building routes to the points of interest.
  • Locating quickly the necessary rooms, goods, and services.
  • Sending notifications and tips based on the location.
  • Providing useful content in real-time.

Navigine SDK

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Monitoring the movement of visitors/ employees

The system allows the company to control the work of its employees and perform constant tracking of their activity: the time of coming to work, lateness, movements around the premises. Thanks to real-time tracking, the management can coordinate the employees’ actions and timely adjust daily tasks. Moreover, beacons can help to monitor visitor movements, analyze the traffic, and better understand clients’ behavior, which plays an important role in developing the marketing strategy.

Smart home

The UWB technology is an ideal tool for implementing the “smart home” system. The Ultra Wideband sensor constantly monitors the movements of visitors and makes the equipment perform certain actions, for example:

  • Switch on\off the light in the room for energy saving.
  • Regulate the volume of the speakers.
  • Manage climate control.
  • Maintain the ventilation mode.
  • Activate the alarm system, etc.

Marketing and advertising opportunities for retail and shopping centers

While using Ultra-Wideband, shopping centers and shops can timely provide visitors with the relevant information on goods. The platform sends customers greetings, advertisements, notifications on sales, and promo actions. Thanks to this technology, stores get an additional marketing channel and can promote the brand or separate stock items more quickly.

Digitization of production and logistics enterprises

At the production enterprises, which specialize in producing goods, Ultra-Wideband can become an integral component of digitization in logistics and production. The system helps to digitize quickly and easily workshops, warehouses, technological processes, which contributes to increased productivity and business process optimization.

Social distance tracking

Due to the pandemic Covid-19, companies have to take measures for organizing social distancing. The UWB technology helps to solve this task effectively. As part of its implementation, the employees of the company are equipped with wearable devices that immediately inform about approaching another person. Thanks to this, it is possible to exclude too close contacts and minimize the risk of infecting the staff and visitors with the coronavirus.

Advantages and disadvantages of UWB technology

While realizing the UWB-based navigation systems, companies can acquire many advantages, including:

  • Higher accuracy in comparison with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, which expands the possibilities of its application while implementing smart systems.
  • Minimum requirements to power supply, which makes it an optimal solution for the deployment in the conditions sensitive to a radio frequency (for example, in medical institutions).
  • Less exposure to noises that are common in numerous ranges of other means of communication.
  • High scanning resolution that allows using the technology in radiolocation systems.
  • High power of signals, which ensures the security of transmitted data.

Apart from advantages, the technology has some drawbacks. It is characterized by low-speed data transmission, so it can’t be used for sending large volumes of information. Because of using a wide bandwidth, UWB signals can interfere with the existing lines of communication.

Navigine offers its clients effective geolocation solutions for developing mobile and web applications. In our work, we widely use UWB technology and are ready to realize a project of indoor navigation and positioning based on wideband communication technology.

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