20 Apr 2021 12 min


Last update 19 MAY 2023

Why does your business need the mobile app with indoor navigation?

Navigine - Why does your business need the mobile app with indoor navigation?
20 Apr 2021 12 min


Last update 19 MAY 2023

In the modern world many companies, especially those working in the B2C sphere, have to grow all the time and implement innovative technologies into their activity for increasing competitiveness. It can be achieved by using their wireless positioning applications, which take their business to a new level. The real-time location app quickly detects users’ location and lets companies effectively solve many marketing tasks.

How does the indoor navigation app work?

The location-based Android/ iOS app is directly connected with the smartphone sensors, so users can easily find the necessary place of the company’s buildings in their own mobile devices. The main aim of these systems is to ensure maximum comfort for clients, which in the end will increase their loyalty and improve the attitude to the company itself.

While functioning, the navigation applications relies on several key functions:

  • Building digital maps with points of interest – provides users with information on their current location and the necessary places on the premises.
  • Navigation – helps to build routes to the point of destination. Depending on the user’s location and needs, it can be stored in the shopping center, ticket offices in airports or railway stations, classes in educational institutions, etc.
  • Analytics – carries out continuous gathering of information and provides analytical data about the activity of the enterprise. Thus, shops can quickly define the most purchased goods, offices get information on staff movements, and transport hubs calculate the areas of large numbers of people.
  • Getting push notifications – sends users various messages based on their location.

Technologies and sensors for NAVIGATION application performance

Different technologies and tools are applied for realizing projects with indoor navigation. The key elements include the base platform of dynamic positioning, radio beacons, and smartphones that receive signals from beacons. While searching the services for implementing the system, it is necessary to keep in mind that their development takes much effort. Indoor navigation requires modern technologies that will ensure defining a location in a wide functional range. The following technologies are used for organizing the infrastructure:

  • Wi-Fi – makes use of access points that perform the function of signal transmitters. The technology has a wide potential when it comes to large territories. It doesn’t require any additional equipment since it functions within the wireless network.
  • BLE – a modern Bluetooth-based standard of wireless communication. For using Bluetooth beacon applications, objects are equipped with beacons that have a high range accuracy of 2-3 m. Signals from beacons are supported by iOS and Android smartphones. Routes are calculated on the servers so users’ mobile devices don’t experience heavy load. The requirements for the number of BLE beacons depend on the size of the building and the number of obstacles (walls between the rooms).

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Benefits of indoor navigation APPLICATIONS for business

Indoor positioning technologies are very beneficial for businesses. The development of apps with indoor navigation is of special relevance to such places as airports, plants, railway stations, universities, hospitals. All these institutions occupy large territories so they urgently need geolocation. While implementing the system into the infrastructure, the owners of the companies get many advantages:

  • Optimization of logistics processes or objects located inside buildings.
  • Increase of company’s performance and cost reduction.
  • The immediate reaction to different working moments or violation of safety rules.
  • User experience improvement, building clients’ loyalty to the company.
  • Understanding clients’ behavior, getting additional marketing channels for promoting the brand.
  • Improving the quality of customer service.
  • Getting extended analytics for optimizing the enterprise performance.

Navigine SDK

Professional real-time Indoor Positioning solutions for mobile apps.


Benefits of indoor navigation apps for users

Mobile navigation applications are very popular among visitors of different places. An indoor wayfinding app helps users to get to the chosen point just by using their phones. The key advantages of the platform for users are the following:

  • Possibility of the convenient search for the required objects. For example, while visiting the museum, a person can quickly find the necessary exhibit, and while visiting the hospital – build a route to the doctor’s room.
  • Simplification of the search process thanks to voice management.
  • Assistance in building the easiest and shortest routes to points of interest, which saves time and energy.
  • Getting the online map of the building with all the necessary objects displayed.
  • Sending push notifications with tips for more effective search.
  • Possibility to get messages from companies and stores concerning promotional events, discounts, interesting offers.

Navigine specializes in developing and implementing the navigation module Navigine SDK for mobile applications. We provide unlimited opportunities for indoor navigation inside buildings and also offer the Open Source solution that is available for all developers.