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Unfortunately, we do not have any vacancies yet, but you can send us your CV and who knows, maybe our HR managers will find anything suitable to your skills!
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We are a global provider of integrated positioning technologies with a mission to deliver the best-in-class tools to create functional, effective and affordable location and tracking solutions for any environment.
We understand that in order to achieve success anywhere, firstly we need to establish good atmosphere. Do you know how we do it?
We need our people
We are dedicated to ensure that all our employees equally participate in development of the company’s business and products. No one is staying on the sidelines!
We value self-investment
We are happy to provide our employees with an opportunity to improve their skills in the most interesting tasks and projects. Stay hungry and enjoy your improvement!
We value good vibes
We believe that friendly environment is a key to success. Hard work we do here is always easier when you cooperate with not just colleagues, but friends!