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  • 特点:
  • 零售空间及兴趣点互动地图;
  • 寻路函数,构造到任意POI的路径;
  • 逐弯道导航高达3英尺精度在地面地图,如在谷歌地图;
  • 产品搜索链接到交互式地图。
  • 预期的好处:
  • 手机app用户体验的提升。
  • 增加移动应用的使用和参与时间。
  • 直接沟通客户。
  • 通过高级搜索功能获得的营销收入。

Customer data enables marketers to understand the cross-channel behavior of visitors that become customers. Retailers need to have an accurate analytical tool that can clearly demonstrate in-store customers’ journey that in turn could be used to personalize a shopping experience. Navigine provides an indoor mapping platform to monitor store visits with up to shelf accuracy and evaluate the efficiency of various marketing channels. Omnichannel analytics enables to link online and offline customer profiles and make an integration with an existing CRM.

  • Features:
  • Analytics of visitors' behavior, including heat maps, flow maps.
  • Store visits, dwell time, visit frequency.
  • Segmentation of visitors on loyal, one-time, walking along.
  • Traffic sources and marketing channels efficiency.
  • Expected benefits:
  • Monitoring of visitors traffic, dwell time, repeat visits, flow maps, heat maps.
  • Understanding in-store conversion and behavior, especially those who don’t buy.
  • Optimization of objects placement inside the store.
  • Measurement and optimization of ROI of marketing campaigns.

Using iBeacon technology, marketers get an opportunity to deliver relevant, highly engaging content to consumers through mobile apps for malls.It is possible to send instant greetings to the customers and getting their attention with information about current special offers, sales while being close to the proximity hot spots. With Navigine omnichannel platform retailers can easily set up proximity marketing campaigns and achieve better online advertising targeting.

  • Features:
  • Smart targeted push notifications via mobile applications.
  • Interactive assistance with a provision of complete product information.
  • Additional targeting using segmentation by location.
  • Online retargeting based on customer location data.
  • Expected benefits:
  • Additional sales and marketing channel to promote brand or products.
  • An increase in customer loyalty and consumer engagement.
  • A direct channel of communication with clients and a collection of feedback.
  • Efficiency improvement for targeted promotions.

Staff efficiency tracking is used to improve in-store productivity and protect corporate resources. iBeacon technology allows an enterprise to monitor employee activities and control worker engagement according to a prescribed schedule. With such an innovative management system employers will get a transparent control of outsourcers assignments and improved coordination process. Depending on a particular case employer can set up automatic notifications related to movements: zone border crossing based on zone segmentation, long-term presence/absence in given zone, deviation from allowed speed and others.

  • Features:
  • Real-time indoor navigation in mall for employees.
  • Mobile communication channel for staff members.
  • Real-time adjustment of daily assignments.
  • Assistance in quick decision making in cases of emergency accidents.
  • Expected benefits:
  • Reduction of staff assignments completion time.
  • Improvement of effectiveness in communication between employees including extraordinary situations.
  • Improvement of customer service quality.
  • Improvement of security and safety level.



带有导航平台的“智能小车”为购物者提供精确导航,根据顾客的购物清单提供最有效的路线。这款基于Navigine SDK的平板电脑应用程序帮助消费者在商店中导航,获得关于特殊优惠的智能通知,以及搜索特定产品。


探索室内定位和跟踪的力量 - 立即联系我们!


  • 快速、轻松的部署
  • 技术和硬件:通用跟踪解决方案
  • 精度:定位精度高达 0.1 英尺
  • 解决方案经过时间验证:上市 10 年,覆盖 3000 多栋建筑