Navigine Solutions of Indoor Positioning and Asset Tracking for Sustainable Development

What is Indoor Positioning?
How does it help people?

Creating Value for People

Implementing Indoor Positioning in large facilities can make it easier for visitors (including people with disabilities) to find any points of interest.

To make visiting large shopping malls, museums or office buildings easier, it’s enough to implement an indoor navigation app, which will help visitors quickly access the desired objects.

Indoor Positioning System can also greatly improve living conditions of elderly persons and people with disabilities by providing location-powered features, such as sending audio notifications with directions to visually impaired people

Improving Sustainability with Indoor Positioning

Navigating a large facility can be a big challenge because of confusing layouts and a great number of various assets, such as equipment or goods.

RTLS technologies can create new points of growth and minimize CAPEX and OPEX by helping to save energy and reduce the impact on the environment.

Indoor Positioning System is a great tool to promote sustainable development of your logistics or manufacturing facility, providing location-powered opportunities of power economy and cost reduction.

Contributing into the concept of Openness
Concepts of Openness and Open Source provide numerous benefits for industries and common people by supporting traceable operations and decision-making and building capacity for creating new solutions and products of indoor positioning and asset tracking to create new benefits and values for the global society. Technologies of indoor positioning and asset tracking contribute to creating a new green world by optimizing energy saving processes and providing new capabilities for people with disabilities and elderly persons.

Developers from around the world can evenly participate in ensuring Sustainable Development by jointly creating new location-based solutions and products, improving their own skills and obtaining new capabilities on the path to Sustainable Future.

Indoor Positioning and Social Responsibility

Indoor Navigation for Visually Impaired People
One of the main directions in Sustainable Development is improving the well-being of citizens, especially elderly people and those who have disabilities. With the development of connectivity technologies, like Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and UWB, sensible navigation solutions have emerged as one of the most promising options to create a better world for the people who need our support and help. Indoor positioning can be used for wayfinding, monitoring patients in healthcare facilities, as well as navigation services for visually impaired people. Navigine develops various solutions for improving well-being of all people and create new opportunities for people with disabilities and elderly persons.
Indoor Asset Tracking for Sustainable Future
Navigine is focused on creating products and solutions that cater to the needs of Sustainable Development, providing benefits for industries on the road to the sustainable future. Creating “sustainable” values is becoming a competitive advantage in the domains of indoor positioning and asset tracking. Adopting universally followed principles of sustainable development also helps Navigine to rethink our understanding of location-powered solutions. Navigine creates the solutions of indoor navigation and asset tracking which are also used for creating “sustainable” values in various industrial applications
Navigine Open Source for Sustainable Development
Contributing into the concept of Openness, Navigine develops its own OpenSource initiative to provide developers from around the world the access to various solutions and features of indoor positioning. Navigine offers parts of its own navigation algorithms for developers to freely create new location-powered solutions. Highly precise indoor positioning algorithms with the main focus on indoor navigation developed by Navigine company have been the integral part of numerous location-powered industrial solutions and applications.
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Sustainable Development is a principle that aims to minimize the environmental footprint of industries while maintaining economic growth, social advancement and quality of life. Usually, when it comes to industrial sustainability, we highlight three directions which we need to focus on: resource efficiency, pollution control and people safety. All these directions can be taken on by using various location-powered technologies, like solutions of indoor positioning and asset tracking which can greatly enhance the processes of operational management and resource saving.
Navigine develops various solutions for achieving Sustainable Development in the world, helping enterprises to minimize energy costs and providing new values for people with disabilities and elderly persons

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