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geofencing software

Indoor geofencing is a feature of real-time local positioning systems (RTLS), which can be used to determine the boundary of a specific area of territory. Using an application with a geofencing feature allows you to calculate the location of a person or asset in real time, as well as instantly detect the entry/exit of Navigine's advanced geofencing software to increase the efficiency of an object outside the outlined perimeter.

When an object crosses the virtual zone, the system initiates various actions. Using a geofencing application, you can send notifications or advertising messages, search for equipment, and receive detailed analytics of visits in a specific area of the building or near it.

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Ways to Use Geofencing

Geofencing software can be used in a variety of ways, from asset discovery and time management to theft prevention and geolocation marketing.

Benefits of Using Navigine Indoor geofencing Software

Navigine offers two geofencing application options for integration - Navigine SDK and Navigine Tracking. The choice of software depends on the specific needs of your project. The benefits of our geofencing platforms include the following:

How to Set Up a Geofence Using the Navigine Software

Scenarios for Using Geofencing Systems


Retail and shopping malls

Providing visitors with targeted advertising using a geofencing marketing platform, and helping the management track the movements of customers to improve user experience

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Logistics and warehousing

Allowing you to track the movement of equipment within the zones, and notifying warehouse staff about the arrival of vehicles for unloading or loading products.

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Used to track the movement of raw materials in the production process, allowing you to adjust the daily tasks of staff and detect possible theft.

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Automating personalized messages for employees, and tracking entry into restricted areas.

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Automating surveys of clinic visitors, preventing patients with dementia or Alzheimer's from wandering, and providing information on patient flows to optimize the work of a medical facility.

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Collecting analytics about the movement of campus visitors, and providing information to launch an MDM policy.

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Museums and exhibitions

Setting the boundaries of exhibitions and expositions, sending notifications about upcoming events, and giving information when approaching specific exhibits.

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Airports and railway stations

Controlling the visitor flow, finding "hot" zones, and providing freer movement through the transport hub.

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With geofencing software, you can obtain information about the location of objects in specific areas to automate sending messages, improve security, and perform various tasks.

Depending on the technology used, the location accuracy varies from 12 inches to 16 ft.

Navigine provides software designed for implementing geofencing.

Yes, indoor geofencing works in conjunction with mobile or desktop applications.

Geofenced marketing involves allocating space on a digital map for an advertising campaign. As soon as someone enters the marked zone, the system immediately sends a targeted ad to this person.

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Our Advantages

  • Quick and easy deployment
  • Technology and Hardware: Universal tracking solution
  • Precision: up to 0.1 feet accuracy of localisation
  • Solution proved over time: 10 year on the market with over 3000 buildings covered