Transforming Patient Experience with BLE Indoor Navigation

June 24th 12:00 pm ET
Learn how hospital is driving clinical outcomes with Kontakt.io BLE technology and Navigine solution
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Kapil Asher
Director, Enterprise Healthcare IoT Solutions
Indoor Navigation | RTLS systems by Navigine
Nick Rozaev
Sales manager
Hospital buildings should provide maximum convenience for both patients and visitors. This also applies to easy navigation and wayfinding to the desired cabinets and wards. In this matter, indoor positioning technologies come into force, which ensure high location accuracy.
As a rule, the process of implementing such systems occurs by installing special beacons and adjusting software.
We partnered with Kontakt.io to implement one of such solutions in a hospital. Within 40 minutes Kapil Asher, director at Healthcare IoT Solutions, and our sales manager Nick Rozaev will discuss:
  1. Challenges in healthcare industry
  2. How indoor navigation solution in hospitals helps improve patient experience
  3. Analysis of joint use cases
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