Asset tracking in manufacturing

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How can Navigine help factories with asset tracking?

For minimizing costs, many companies use audit and effective management, but, due to the lack of enterprise vehicle tracking, these measures do not always give a positive result. To reduce expenses, modern technological solutions, aimed at optimizing business processes, have to be implemented into the enterprise infrastructure. Asset tracking in manufacturing, being one of such solutions, provides operational data on equipment usage in real-time.

Navigine offers effective manufacturing tracking software tools for tracking and indoor navigation based on Bluetooth® LE , UWB, and Wi-Fi. Their implementation into the enterprise infrastructure can improve labor safety, reduce costs on logistics and vehicle shutdown, and increase the company’s profits.s

Real-time manufacturing asset tracking

Manufacturing asset solutions allow defining the exact location of the equipment and its usage in real-time. Thanks to monitoring, the management always knows how forklifts and other vehicles work, where they are at the current moment, and how active they are during the day. If special tags are attached to vehicles, it is easy to detect non-working or lost assets. Manufacturing process tracking technologies allow saving time and resources on the equipment usage, taking efficient decisions related to its application, eliminating the excess of capital costs.

  • Features:
  • control over KPI executing;
  • logistics optimization;
  • indoor vehicle tracking;
  • searching for lost tools or equipment.
  • Expected benefits:
  • reducing equipment expenses;
  • effective task planning on the equipment application;
  • reducing the time spent by the staff on searching the necessary assets.

Enterprise vehicle tracking

The system of positioning and monitoring allows tracking the movement of enterprise vehicles around the territory. The sensors on the equipment periodically send signals to the readers and help to control the vehicle movement on the interactive map of the plant. The platform ensures the momentary positioning of the object and allows understanding of the transport that has left the territory of the plant or the observation area. Using the technology, it’s possible to build optimal routes for every vehicle and manage its movement in real-time.

  • Features:
  • transport positioning on the map;
  • choosing the optimal route;
  • adjusting routes in real-time;
  • evaluating special equipment performance;
  • warning on a probable collision.
  • Expected benefits:
  • minimizing the number of emergencies;
  • ensuring timely response to the violations of the routes;
  • reducing the downtime of moving assets;
  • logistics process optimization.

Obtaining analytical data

Modern manufacturing tracking software solutions create analytical reports on equipment usage. The exact data on its location, working time, and downtime lets managers take effective decisions and optimize the enterprise performance.

  • Features:
  • tracking the movement of the moving equipment on the plant territory;
  • analyzing the working and idle time of special equipment;
  • detecting non-working equipment.
  • Expected benefits:
  • increasing enterprise efficiency;
  • reducing downtime expenses;
  • preventing the misuse of special equipment;
  • minimizing emergency response time;
  • improving asset management processes.

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