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Enterprises in the oil and gas industry regularly encounter asset and staff management challenges. Lack of necessary safety measures, working with heavy equipment, unauthorized access to restricted areas, and errors associated with human factors often lead to decreased safety and productivity. However, global oil production and consumption continue to grow unabated. In 2022, world liquid fuel production stood at 99.99 million barrels per day, and by 2025, according to forecasts, these figures are expected to increase to 104.17 million barrels per day. With the rapid increase in production, improving the efficiency and safety of enterprise operations becomes especially important.

Navigine is ready to assist with maintaining security, equipment, and staff tracking. We offer oil and gas asset management software that enhances operational efficiency, leading to a decrease in incidents and improved resource allocation within this rapidly changing industry.

Improving Workplace Safety
Through the tracking system, it is possible to monitor the work of staff at the enterprise effectively. The system allows tracking the location of employees in hazardous and remote work environments, ensuring strict compliance with industry standards and safety procedures. Management is always aware of what is happening, so it can take timely measures to reduce the risks of emergencies.
Minimization of Losses and Downtime of Important Equipment
With the tracking system, it is possible to control the operation of important oil and gas equipment and prevent losses associated with its downtime. The system helps to track assets in real-time and provides detailed information on equipment utilization to make informed management decisions.
Improving Operational Efficiency
Oil and gas asset tracking presents opportunities to streamline enterprise operations. Thanks to the implementation of technology, it is possible to manage the supply of oil and gas assets more effectively, accelerate and simplify the procurement of tools and materials, and efficiently plan equipment maintenance.
Enhanced Analytics and Reporting
Implementing a tracking system enables comprehensive analytics on the operations of the oil and gas enterprise – from assessing the condition of equipment to tracking workers' time spent in hazardous areas and monitoring temperature and humidity levels in facilities. Timely and accurate data collection aids in effectively managing asset lifecycles and successfully addressing tasks related to preventing emergencies.
Tracking Solutions for Oil and Gas Assets and Staff
  • Oil and Gas Real-Time Assets Tracking
  • Security Management
  • Asset Tracking and Monitoring of Staff Movement by Zones
  • Custom Reports and Analytics

Oil and Gas Real-Time Assets Tracking

The system provides detailed information on the whereabouts of assets in real-time. Sensors installed at various locations within the enterprise continuously track the movement of equipment and transmit data on its technical condition. Through the platform, operations can be automated, losses of oil and gas assets can be prevented, and uninterrupted enterprise operations can be ensured.

  • Features:
  • Precise positioning of objects.
  • Digital mapping of facilities with the ability to create optimal routes for equipment movement.
  • Monitoring of equipment and machinery movement across the enterprise premises.
  • Expected benefits:
  • Awareness of the current location of equipment.
    Prevention of theft and removal of valuable assets from the enterprise premises.
    Optimization of internal logistics.
    Improved workplace safety.

Security Management

Tracking oil and gas equipment and personnel helps prevent accidents. It enables monitoring compliance with safety protocols, establishing routes for equipment movement, and preventing collisions or vehicle-pedestrian accidents. In addition to tracking in regular premises, employees can be monitored in high-risk environments such as mines, tunnels, and others. The system allows for prompt response to any emergencies, timely detection of individuals in emergency zones, and providing necessary assistance.

  • Features:
  • Notifications of collision risks.
  • Positioning of moving vehicles on a digital map.
  • Integration of SOS buttons.
  • Integration with alert systems and video surveillance to enhance security levels.
  • Evacuation management, assisting personnel in finding entrances/exits during emergencies.
  • Expected benefits:
  • Minimization of emergencies.
    Immediate response to safety protocol breaches.
    Real-time emergency response.
    Reduction of expenses related to accidents at enterprises.

Asset Tracking and Monitoring of Staff Movement by Zones

Tracking software can also monitor the movement of assets and staff within designated zones. The system operates based on geofencing technology, dividing the area into zones and granting employees specific access rights to particular areas. Once an object crosses the boundaries of a zone, the system promptly triggers various actions – such as audible alerts, notification broadcasts, and more. This allows for controlling entries/exits into hazardous zones, tracking the duration of time spent within them, and preventing unauthorized access.

  • Features:
  • Search for equipment, tools, and other items by zone.
  • Access control to specific areas.
  • Broadcasting alerts for entering a hazardous zone, prolonged stay within it, etc.
  • Monitoring staff working hours.
  • Expected benefits:
  • Ensuring personal safety.
    Optimizing territory management.
    Enhancing operational and business processes.
    Preventing unauthorized access.

Custom Reports and Analytics

The system provides users with heat maps and detailed analytical data to facilitate comprehensive analysis of work processes. Information regarding employee occupancy, equipment usage time, and potential downtime can be obtained by utilizing the system. Additionally, the platform can be integrated with temperature and air quality sensors and can notify about possible leaks of hazardous substances.

  • Features:
  • Equipment and staff movement history tracking.
  • Attendance control, including entry into restricted areas.
  • Staff behavior analysis, including flow maps and heat maps.
  • Expected benefits:
  • Ability to optimize work processes.
    Increased labor productivity and improved work discipline.
    Reduction in labor costs.
    Making informed management decisions.
If you require dependable asset management software specifically tailored for the oil and gas sector, Navigine offers a compelling solution. We provide advanced digital tools designed to enhance personnel safety and improve equipment visibility.
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