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Indoor navigation for shopping centers

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Convenient mall navigation is one of the main criteria for the successful performance of the shopping center. Big crowds of people, the necessity to walk for hours around pavilions in search of the wanted goods, the absence of personalized advertising push clients away and lead to low profits. Location based navigation can help to solve these problems. After the implementation of the mall navigation system, customers obtain a valuable purchasing user experience and can quickly find the required goods. Shopping centers get a chance to improve service and refine the coordination of inner processes, which leads to increasing customer loyalty and attracting new clients.

Smart navigation and search for points of interest for visitors

Visitors are equipped with step-by-step navigation using a location based shopping app. Clients’ smartphones generate interactive maps with points of interest and the shortest routes to the necessary places. The platform makes the shopping process more convenient for visitors, reduces the time spent in the shop, and, thus, increases loyalty to the facility.

  • Functions:
  • step-by-step navigation inside shopping malls;
  • building routes to the necessary places on the digital map;
  • a quick search of catering facilities and technical rooms.
  • Expected benefits:
  • decreasing the crowding of people in shopping malls;
  • improving user experience;
  • increasing client loyalty thanks to convenient navigation in the shopping center.
Push notifications

The system of indoor navigation provides possibilities for sending targeted push notifications via apps for shopping malls. As soon as the visitor approaches some shop inside the mall, his smartphone gets notifications containing beneficial information or advertisements.

  • Functions:
  • sending personal notifications on discounts and sales to users;
  • targeted advertising;
  • getting additional information on shops on the visitor’s way.
  • Expected benefits:
  • increasing profit due to targeted advertising, actions, and discount offers;
  • obtaining an additional marketing channel;
  • increasing client loyalty to the place.
Client analytics

Thanks to indoor positioning, the owners of shopping centers are provided with detailed shopping mall analytics on the performance.

  • Functions:
  • analysis of client behavior with building visitor flow maps and heat maps;
  • defining the frequency of visiting shops.
  • Expected benefits:
  • optimization of object arrangement inside the trading center.
Tracking the staff of the shopping center

With navigation and indoor positioning, it is easy to control the staff performance. Special badges on the employees’ uniforms help to monitor their movement, define the time of attending the place, and improve the coordination processes. In case of any emergencies, the staff can be quickly directed to the necessary place, which increases the safety of the shopping center and its visitors.

  • Functions:
  • tracking the staff in the shopping center in real-time;
  • possibility of quick reaction to emergencies;
  • setting tasks for the employees in the mobile application.
  • Expected benefits:
  • improving the quality of service
  • decreasing the number of emergencies.

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