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When it comes to professional sport, details play an important role. Athlete’s physical indicators, especially their movements around the field or ground, speed of movement, and distance ensure detailed analytics that largely determines the results of sports competitions. Navigine offers effective team tracker software that helps to perform a close analysis of each player’s work. The athlete monitoring technology allows increasing athlete’s performance, optimizing further game tactics, and managing the external load on training.

Tracking players in real-time

Modern positioning technologies are based on Wi-Fi or iBeacon. Sportsmen attach to their uniforms wearable sensors that ensure the possibility of tracking the games of sports teams in real-time. The system works both indoor and outdoor. After its implementation, the coaches can get the exact data on the location of each player, carry out tactical monitoring, and analyze the actions of sportsmen during training sessions and matches.

  • Features:
  • monitoring movements around the field/ground;
  • tracking the process of the game;
  • automatic detection of tactical events;
  • exact player tracking, as well as his positions and actions.
  • Expected benefits:
  • immediate response to the actions of sportsmen in the game or training processes;
  • optimization of the players’ positions;
  • visualization of coaches’ proposals.

Athlete performance tracking

Geolocation-based analytical tools can be actively used for measuring player’s performance. The devices, attached to the player’s uniform, measure his pulse, body temperature, speed of movement and jumps, and acceleration. The athlete tracking system works with centimeter accuracy and ensures optimal conditions for gathering the data on players’ actions.

  • Features:
  • player’s state monitoring;
  • comparing physical indicators at different periods.
  • Expected benefits:
  • coordination of rest breaks between training sessions;
  • selecting the most prepared players in the team;
  • evaluation of players’ condition in real-time;
  • defining sportsmen’s load.

Analytical reports for building tactics

Real-time statistics make it possible to get the data on training sessions, matches, and the players’ states. The system can objectively evaluate the performance of each team player and take decisions concerning their further actions. The athlete performance solution allows detecting how a player has recovered from an injury, who from sportsmen leads in the sprint, jumps, and other kinds of sports, how much professional real-time players can stay without rest, etc. The given approach helps to analyze each moment of the game and provide instant feedbacks concerning the fulfillment of tactical requirements.

  • Features:
  • providing reports on sportsmen’s movements;
  • detecting and evaluating game situations;
  • teamwork analytics.
  • Expected benefits:
  • possibility to take effective decisions for increasing sportsman’s performance;
  • development of the optimal algorithm of teamwork;
  • injury prevention;
  • implementation of new and specially developed efficiency indicators.

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