Indoor Navigation and Asset Tracking for Universities

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Large educational institutions with many campuses, buildings, and passages urgently need a tool for ensuring convenient movement around the territory. The location-based online campus navigation system can assist in solving this problem. It simplifies the search of the necessary room, prevents lateness, and improves everyday life both for students and teachers. Navigine provides the solution for indoor positioning and navigation inside university premises. We offer modern tools for accessing the infrastructure of educational institutions.

Digital platforms make it much easier for students to stay on campus or at college. This is especially true for freshmen and guests who are not yet familiar with the internal layout of educational buildings. One such system is college campus wayfinding. It’s easy to implement and can be integrated into a mobile app or a college web platform.

Make wayfinding easier
Employing RTLS technologies can relieve students of the need to waste time wandering around the campus to find lecture rooms. Location-powered app can easily build routes for students and guests to any point of interest needed
Show relevant information
Location-powered applications of universities and other educational institutions can share relevant information with students, such as office hours of deaneries or libraries
Solve safety-related issues
There are a lot of location-based features that can be employed by staff for comprehensive analytics. The system can create situation awareness, detecting security-related challenges, alerting visitors and direct them to the nearest exits
Get hold of valuables
By employing indoor positioning technologies, university staff can monitor movement of assets, such as projectors, laptops and others. Also, the system can be applied for monitoring the occupancy of public places to control energy consumption
Solutions of Indoor Navigation and Asset Tracking for Universities and Colleges
  • Navigation inside campuses and universities
  • Tracking university assets

Navigation inside campuses and universities

Orienting inside university buildings, creating routes, and defining a location in real-time is easy to bring to life with the campus navigation app from Navigine. Navigine SDK is easily integrated into the already existing mobile application for smart universities.

Freshmen, invited guests and professors can benefit from indoor navigation system. Now they can easily explore the premises, find anything within a few taps. The staff will not have to waste time explaining the way to a room, which saves working time and helps to use it more effectively. Guests can also use the given system.

Technologies, such as Bluetooth® LE, Wi-Fi, etc., can be used to enable online indoor navigation. Their application allows the administration to manage the educational institution, and users to get positive emotions from visiting the place.

  • Features:
  • build routes to any point, indoors;
  • real-time navigation in the university;
  • movement analytics and reports for further routing improvement
  • Expected benefits:
  • Improving student experience in using mobile apps for universities
    Deepening engagement between students and university life
    Convenient wayfinding to all points of interest without any stress
    Ensuring sustainable development of the institution

Tracking university assets

The Navigine system opens to users wide opportunities for tracking asset availability and monitoring their movement inside the campus. This technology helps to create a digital map of smart universities that allows tracking the location of projectors, laptops, stands, and other objects. Moreover, the platform makes it possible to control the occupancy of public places (classrooms, conference halls, labs, etc.) for their more effective use.

  • Features:
  • asset and people location tracking;
  • creating analytical reports on movement and equipment use;
  • searching and building routes to any asset on the digital maps for schools and universities.
  • Expected benefits:
  • Monitoring assets in real time
    Energy optimization due to detailed analytics
    Simplifying the processes of event planning
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