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Tool Tracking Solution by Navigine

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Navigine Tools Tracking

Navigine Tools Tracking is an advanced system for indoor tools tracking and equipment monitoring. The solution is a specialized tool tracking software for construction sites. Navigine offers clients high-quality technical support and provides detailed recommendations on the system deployment.

Tools Tracking Platform features

Monitoring tools in real time.
Using the platform, the enterprise management gets a possibility to track tools location in real-time. The program creates interactive maps of the place with different zones and the function of saving the history of motion inside and outside the building.
The implementation of the platform into the tool monitoring system allows sending push-notifications with any necessary information to employees. They can be messages connected with tools troubleshooting, working tasks, etc.
Logistics process optimization.
The program has the built-in function of tools positioning in real time. The system is able to track assets and build optimal routes to them.
Navigine Tracking collects data for analyzing the construction tool management. Location based data analytics includes the history of the equipment movement. Thanks to a detailed analysis, one can reduce the number of emergency situations and optimize the internal logistics.

Benefits of Navigine Tracking Platform

Navigine Tracking allows improving the performance by getting the exact localization of assets (objects, persons, equipment). Using this platform, clients get a wide range of significant benefits:

  • Safety at work.
  • Quick search of persons, transport, equipment.
  • Adjusting employees’ workload.
  • Working time management.
  • Timely notification about emergency situations.
  • Possibility of people flow management.
  • Working time management.
  • Automatic warning about unfavorable working conditions (for example, high concentration of dangerous gases in the workshop or in the mine).
Tools Positioning
Real-time Alerts
Heat Maps

Components of Navigine Tracking System

The platform includes the following components:

Application Web
Application Web
software intended for working with data

To work with the system, you need:

Tracked tools
Tracked Tools
a wide list of tools used in industrial premises, construction sites: specialized ladders, metal templates, boers, rubber bumpers, etc.
Stationary infrastructure
provides data exchange between personal tags and other access points.
Applying Navigine Tools Tracking in your company will let you create new and cutting-edge web-services that comply with the end user’s requirements and the current market tendencies.

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Why Navigine?

Hardware agnostic platform

We are able to use different equipment in our platform depending on your business tasks, budget and the required level of positioning accuracy

Technology agnostic platform

Our platform can work with different types of technologies like BLE, Wi-Fi, UWB, etc.

Quick and easy deployment and scaling

The Navigine platform allows you to quickly deploy and scale a solution and do it remotely

High accuracy with less infrastructure

Navigine algorithms allow less hardware to be used without sacrificing positioning accuracy compared to other solutions

Strong R&D team

Our team has over 15 years of experience in the development of navigation systems, the team consists of Phd in Mathematics and Physics and highly qualified project managers

Works inside and outside

In our platform you can set up seamless switching from indoor to outdoor

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