Navigine Indoor

Navigine Indoor allows to implement navigation inside any building with up to 1 meter accuracy

Navigine Marketing

Navigine Marketing is the tool to quickly embed indoor push-notifications into mobile apps

Navigine Analytics

Navigine Analytics enables to analyze objects motion inside building in real time

Navigine Tracking

Navigine Tracking allows to track the motion of staff, vehicles and other assets


Accurate navigation inside any building

Navigation platform Navigine enables mobile developers to create a wide range of services on the basis of highly accurate indoor navigation. Mobile applications powered by Navigine Indoor help visitors to easily navigate inside large buildings. And building owners monitor and manage their employees’ motion. Our technology uses external infrastructure – iBeacon/Wi-Fi as well as internal smartphone sensors – accelerometers, gyroscopes, a barometer, a compass and also leverage map features and human motion models. The function of Navigine Indoor are quickly and easily integrated into any mobile application using API/SDK Navigine. A proven Navigine approach allows one to setup navigation service of 500 000 sq. f. per day by one employee. You may evaluate service performance by ordering our Developer Kit.


Indoor advertisement in mobile apps

Navigine’s Marketing platform is the service to create and manage indoor push notifications in mobile applications based on iBeacon technology. Mobile Developers using this platform can significantly improve customer experience and monetization of mobile apps; likewise advertisers can access an additional marketing channel. Our marketing platform uses Bluetooth Low Energy (Bluetooth 4.0) protocol. Platform operations requirements are Bluetooth 4.0 availability of on mobile devices and Bluetooth beacons installed in zones where push notifications are necessary. Navigine Marketing functions are integrated into mobile applications using API/SDK. To maximize creation and management notifications, developers receive access to a special web interface.


Comprehensive indoor analytics

Navigine Analytics enables building owners to ensure safety of visitors and staff by analyzing movement inside their buildings. This service aids the creation of movement heatmaps which optimize marketing channels.


Real time indoor tracking services

Navigine Tracking allows building owners to track the motion of vehicles and other assets on the premises. IT solutions which utilize Navigine Tracking help to monitor objects’ indoor movement in real time and facilitate logistical optimization.