Navigine indoor location services are the basis for a wide range of end client solutions which solve the tasks of indoor navigation or indoor motion tracking

Mobile application for iOS/Android with indoor navigation, marketing and analytics functions

For: Airports, Hubs, Malls, Retailers, Hotels, Museums, Hospitals

The solution allows to:
  • Improve customer loyalty through the increase of customer service
  • Receive additional marketing revenues from tenants/brands through new marketing channel
  • Analyze visitors flow and get the insights for revenue growth and negotiations with tenants/brands
Mobile application may include the following functions:
  • Interactive map of building with points of interest
  • List of services and product items with location tags
  • Navigation and route construction on the map
  • Location based push notifications
In order to manage mobile applications clients are provided with web interface with the following capabilities:
  • Update of interactive building map and catalogues of services and product items
  • Creation and management of location based notifications
  • Analytical reports on visitors motion inside building

System for staff, vehicles and cargo motion management inside buildings

For: Airports, Hubs, Malls, Hypermarkets, Warehouses, Mines, Factories

The solution allows to:
  • React in real time on ongoing situations inside buildings
  • Save fuel and increase the safety of mobile assets through real time motion monitoring
  • Optimize logistics business processes on the basis of big data
Depending on the object and task of monitoring the system may be realized in two options:


  • Staff, vehicles or cargo are equipped by Bluetooth beacons or bracelets with ~50 meters range and self-contained supply
  • Building is equipped by stationary control devices (SCD) which track motions of Bluetooth transmitters in real time
  • The data collected by SCDs is processed and transferred to the server for displaying of Bluetooth transmitters position in unified web interface


  • Staff or vehicles are equipped by mobile devices with Bluetooth 4.0 and connection with server
  • Building is equipped by Bluetooth beacons which help mobile devices to determine their position with up to 1 meter accuracy
  • Position of mobile device is displayed on its screen, all data is collected on central terminal which may be used to send commands to mobile devices

Service for analytics of visitors motion inside building using Wi-Fi routers

For: Airports, Hubs, Malls, Hypermarkets

The solution allows to:
  • Analyze visitors flow and get the insights for revenue growth and negotiations with tenants/brands
  • Optimize marketing channels and ad campaigns on the basis of their efficiency analytics in real time
  • Analyze and compare operation efficiency of multiple points of sales and services
Analytical service may include the following functions:
  • Heat maps of visits by zones in building
  • Maps of visitor flows inside building
  • Statistics on visitor traffic in selected points
  • Segmentation of visitors on one-time, repeated, walking along, own employees
  • Statistics on marketing ads and marketing channels efficiency from the point of visitors traffic