What’s New At DLD Tel Aviv

We just got back from Tel Aviv and it was so great, even in spite of the fact that we had to deal with the biggest sandstorm in the Middle East for the last 75 years. Navigine - What’s New At DLD Tel Aviv

The conference took place on Sep 8-9, 2015 at the Tahana Compound, Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel and brought together hundreds of startups, VC’s, angel investors and industry leaders in an unexpected way to create potent output for the digital space.

Many thanks to 4YFN team who has brought us to the Israel’s largest hi-tech conference with another 14 startups from all other the world. We have attended the DLD conference and Tel Aviv Cities Summit, and had a great tour around Tel Aviv to witness the hottest spots in the startup ecosystem - the best and the brightest from the Technology industry. And we found out why it is called the “Startup city”.

To showcase what Navigine can offer to Israeli companies and investors we installed indoor navigation demo setup in 4YFN Village at DLD. And it is not surprising that we attracted the attention since indoor navigation and tracking is a hot topic worldwide. In spite of unusual heat and humidity more than 80 companies and investors visited our booth. Among them, there were both small local companies and big players like Amazon, Intel, Philips, Samsung (all of them have R&D centres in Israel) and Sony. We are very pleased with such attention and look forward to work with them.

Navigine - What’s New At DLD Tel Aviv Published:
Oksana Bespalova