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30 Dec 2019 8 min


Last update 19 MAY 2023

Going beyond in 2019

Сompany's news
Navigine - Going beyond in 2019
30 Dec 2019 8 min


Last update 19 MAY 2023


2019 had opened up new opportunities for us, allowed us to expand and consolidate our achievements. We’ve managed to gain new partnerships and strengthen our team. The past year was really productive, and we are glad about new exciting prospects in the upcoming 2020. Read more about our 2019 in a review.


In 2019 our list of partners was expanded by multiple companies: Enerthing and SnowM are among them.


Enerthing is developing and producing maintenance-free sensors and beacons. SnowM is an innovative start-up that helps to plan and measure weather with IoT based solution.


By enhancing partnerships, we're not only strengthening our market position but obtaining new competences and discovering new directions as well.

We're recognized

During the last year, Navigine had been mentioned in multiple authoritative sources.


In the Global Location-Based Services (#LBS) and Real-Time Location Systems (#RTLS) Market report by Marketsandmarkets Navigine appears as one of the key industry software vendors along with Cisco, Here and Google. MNM is one of the major global providers of analytics and insights, serving 80% of the Fortune 1000. Their researches are based on thousands of risks and opportunities which influence 70-80% of companies incomes worldwide.


QYResearch Co.Ltd, one of the world's leading consulting companies, has added us in it's Global Indoor Positioning Systems (IPS) Market Research Report 2019.


Another example of authoritative papers we've been included in is Real-time Location Based Services: Four Predictions for 2019 by RFID Journal.

We demonstrate

Navigine continues to actively participate in industry events around the world. In 2019, we attended Hannover Messe (Hannover), MWC 2019 (Barcelona), and presented our industrial indoor positioning solutions at GeoIT Talks (Berlin).

CES 2019

CES 2019 in Las Vegas became a remarkable story for us. Together with Analog Devices, the world's leading developer and manufacturer of integrated circuits, we've presented the concept of an autonomous car with integrated indoor positioning module. We've been working on this for several months to share the result at  Consumer Electronic Show on January 9-12 2019.


Multiple sensors from Analog Devices were installed on a toy car to track its trajectory. The analysis based on our algorithms revealed that the sensors have incomparably better precision than their analogues presented. The cumulative error of 0,15 m after 10 laps appeared to be the best result of the day.


Surely, this technology is not only about entertainment purposes. Autonomous devices like drones can be utilised for indoor measuring instead of exhausting walks over the building.


Autonomous positioning technology can be used in vehicles as an alternative to GPS. Today, cars need a certain time to establish a connection with satellites and get location data. However, autonomous systems make instant positioning possible.


We actively conduct research and share our results. One of the significant scientific events of the year was INERTIAL 2019, the international Symposium on Inertial Sensors and Systems in Florida.


After the successful collaboration with Analog Devices during CES, we continued to work together and soon, in April, presented our common research “Sensor Fusion for Land Vehicle Localization Using Inertial MEMS and Odometry”.


In the paper, we show how efficient self-localization methods are. They don't require any outside data sources, such as satellites, geomaps, or databases. The solution is based exclusively on integrated autonomous components: tri-axial gyroscope and accelerometer, odometer, and perception sensors.

B2B Berlin

In September, at the meetup by B2B Berlin, Damir Zambelli spoke about the company, our solutions and experience, challenges of going international.

GeoIT Wherecamp Conferences

Wherecamp 2019 was an international conference devoted to navigation and positioning technologies.


Our representative Damir Zambelli told about WiFi RTT from Google and its usage for indoor positioning. The technology is only finding its way to the market at scale, and we are among the pioneers who can adapt it to the enterprise level customers needs.


WiFi RTT allows devices tracking inside buildings even without GPS signal, using only nearby WiFi hotspots. Our tests demonstrate a submeter accuracy 95% of the time and around 30 cm 50% of the time.


In November, we took part in SLUSH2019, on Helsinki. SLUSH is a global events series for professionals and entrepreneurs from all over the world.


At SLUSH, we’ve got acquainted with many people, and we believe these new contacts will turn into partnerships in the near future.

We organize

Along with participation as speakers, exhibitors and experts, we organize our own events.

Smart City: Digital Innovation in Retail

The first event was the meetup "Digital Innovation in Retail" in Berlin, where we put together more than 20 entrepreneurs, specialists from retail, and innovators, to discuss indoor positioning and navigation technologies in retail.


One of the most inspiring cases is Smartcart, the integrator from Finland. 85% of consumers were very satisfied with the virtual assistant, while 86% are going to use it again.

How IoT is building the smart office?

The topic of the next meetup in June was connected with smart offices and smart cities.


Together with professionals from telco, real estate, and Investments, we discussed the role of IoT in the development of smart cities and smart buildings, telecommunication services and not only.

Strengthening our team

To make progress and new achievements possible, the team has to consist of true professionals. Another our colleague has become a Ph. D. in Mathematics. Moreover, growing our European team, we open up new opportunities for achieving more in the new year.


We're glad that you believe in what we do. In 2019, we've met so many like-minded people who have a desire to go further and develop with us, and, surely, the next year will bring us even more.