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Вебинар Navigine & HPE: Отслеживание местоположения рабочих
и инцидентов инфраструктурой Aruba для повышения эффективности предприятий

Indoor Navigation & Wayfinding system

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Navigine is a global provider of integrated mobile indoor positioning technologies that enable advanced indoor and outdoor navigation and proximity solutions with over 1000 client installations worldwide and over 30 public mobile and web applications. We are included in the list of key players in the Real-Time Locating Systems market among companies around the world. You will notice the benefits of using an indoor navigation system within a month of installing it!



Platform that provides interactive content for events and an indoor navigation platform provided by Navigine. The features that are available through this functionality are: displaying the map and showing the current position of the user; search capabilities by venues or venue categories (results are shown on the map), graphical directions from current location to a specific booth or other POI; integration with content.


Massive joint solution for different positioning and monitoring tasks. Navigine platform is combined with Huawei Wi-Fi 6 access points to implement navigation and tracking functions in the enterprise infrastructure or visitor's mobile application.

Kunstkamera museum

Interactive museum app leveraging Navigine platform. Indoor navigation allows visitors to get explicit information about showpieces with outstanding accuracy.


Navigation on smartphones for passengers on 40 main railway stations for the largest public railway system in Europe. Results: significant improvement of passenger experience especially for international travelers; advanced foot traffic statistics to analyze and manage bottlenecks; beacon infrastructure monetization via third-party providers.


Smartcart solution for innovative shopping experience with wayfinding. 100+ supermarkets in Finland are covered with BLE-based indoor navigation. Features: indoor positioning for tablets inside stores; directions for customers to items from shopping lists; location based promo campaigns and in-store offers; analytics collection on customers foot traffic. Results: average check increase by 6%; 84% of users where going to use Smartcart again


Navigine platform and MOKOSmart devices provide information on locating goods and raw materials inside the warehouse, as well as for tracking transport (forklifts, haulers, trolleys, etc.) in real time. High accuracy of indoor assert tracking is ensured by the usage of indoor positioning system, Bluetooth beacons and wireless equipment.


Indoor Positioning

Internal positioning and indoor mapping system for any premises.

Simple SDK to create a wide range of services on the basis of high-accuracy indoor wayfinding.

Geo Based Marketing

Instant interaction with customers through mobile apps for Android and iOS.

Proximity marketing tool to create indoor push notifications in mobile apps, using iBeacon.

Location analytics

Сomprehensive indoor location analytics.

Smart solution, based on WiFi or iBeacon indoor positioning technology for collecting traffic flow data and visitors' behaviours.

Location Tracking

Incessant monitoring of staff and assets.

Real-time location tracking of motion of visitors and staff.

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Our Partners

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Esther Dyson

They do the last meter instead of the last mile.

Esther Dyson

HICCup, Founder

Rafal Trjanski

Navigine is a trustworthy solution provider partner with vast experience in building and implementing beacon-based positioning solutions, a well-established and complete toolset, an accurate and easy-to-manage system and outstanding service.

Rafal Trjanski, Sales Director

Pekka A. Viljakainen

Navigine is one of the most prominent high-tech company with their high-tier indoor positioning technology and a strong vision on how to resolve clients' challenges in multiple industries.

Pekka A. Viljakainen

AII Corporation, Member of the board

Christoffer Segercrantz

Navigine is our technology partner implementing solutions with a complete tool set for an accurate and manage system and excellent service.

Christoffer Segercrantz

Quuppa, VP sales, Europe

Xiao Haijun

Development of a local ecosystem – one of tasks in our strategy. We are very glad to partner with Navigine. The platform of tracking is compatible to access points of Huawei now.

Xiao Haijun

the CEO of Huawei Enterprise in the region Eurasia

Sandeep Kaul

Navigine's extensive experience in the development of RTLS indoor positioning systems has helped us quickly and efficiently develop a contact tracing solution and improve workplace safety during Covid-19. The system helped doing business during this difficult time. We are very excited for our collaboration!

Sandeep Kaul

Chief Executive Officer at Hipla Technologies


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