Accurate navigation inside any building

A simple SDK to create a wide range of services on the basis of high-accuracy indoor navigation. Mobile applications powered by Navigine Indoor helps visitors to easily navigate inside large buildings and building owners to monitor and manage their employees’ motion.

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Indoor advertisement in mobile apps

Navigine's Marketing platform is the service to create and manage indoor push notifications in mobile applications based on iBeacon technology. Mobile developers using this platform can significantly improve customer experience and monetization of mobile apps; likewise advertisers can leverage an additional marketing channel.

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Comprehensive indoor analytics

Navigine analytical platform enables building owners to ensure safety of visitors and staff by analyzing movement inside their buildings. This service aids the creation of movement heatmaps which optimize marketing channels.

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Quick roll out

Proven approach of Navigine enables navigation roll out on the territory of any building for less than a week

Simple integration with external services

Navigation and marketing SDK of Navigine is easily and quickly embedded into any mobile application

Universal navigation technology

Navigine algorithms use maximally available data set for the most accurate indoor positioning

Comprehensive location based solution

Multipurpose platform for creation of mobile applications and web services with indoor location marketing and analytics functions


Mobile application for iOS/Android with indoor navigation, marketing and analytics functions

For: Airports, Hubs, Malls, Retailers, Hotels, Museums, Hospitals

  • Increased customer loyalty
  • Enhanced sales
  • Additional flow of revenues from tenants/brands
  • Analytics for revenue growth and negotiations with tenants/brands

Service for analytics of visitors motion inside building using Wi-Fi routers

For: Airports, Hubs, Malls, Retailers

  • Ability to track and analyse customers, visitors behavior
  • Optimization of marketing channels and ad campaigns
  • Operation efficiency analytics for multiple points of sales and services

System for staff, vehicles and cargo motion management inside buildings

For: Airports, Hubs, Malls, Retailers, Warehouses, Mines, Factories

  • Real to time reaction on ongoing situations
  • Fuel savings and increased safety of mobile assets
  • Continuous informational support in logistic processes
  • Informational supply about employee’s current motion status