18 Jun 2021 4 min


Last update 19 MAY 2023

How RTLS solutions help companies during Covid-19

Navigine - How RTLS solutions help companies during Covid-19
18 Jun 2021 4 min


Last update 19 MAY 2023

In the face of the Covid-19 pandemic, managers have to ensure maximum security of their employees. To avoid infection, it’s important to track contacts all the time and follow social distancing, which is practically impossible to achieve by usual control and inspection. In the given issue RTLS technologies against Covid-19 are more effective. They can help to support a healthy environment at the enterprise, create working places with due account to the necessary distance and develop protocols that will help to quickly detect the cases of infection.

RTLS functions

RTLS systems are used for taking prompt and proactive security measures allowing managers to protect employees from being infected with the coronavirus. Such solutions are based on a set of software and hardware tools including tiny sensors (beacons) or wearable equipment, receiving devices, and computer programs for managing the equipment.

At established intervals, the beacons around the object send signals which are detected by the receivers and directed to the network server. Thanks to this, it is possible to define with high accuracy people’s location, send them notifications and constantly track vital signs.

If necessary, employees are given tags that can be worn on a badge, in a pocket, or on a rope. They control the distance and automatically inform employees when they have to keep the distance or approach a place with many people. The notification is given in the form of vibration that can amplify with increasing the time of interaction.

Social distance monitoring

One of the main functions of real-time location systems is informing on approaching a large number of people or a person. Protecting the staff against the risks of infection is performed by geographical zoning. Each time when an employee enters a dangerous zone or when working space is shared by too many people, the system makes a warning that allows a timely reaction to the situation.

While implementing RTLS tracking technology, the management can set any parameters, such as:

  • safety distance;
  • maximum possible duration of interaction;
  • a limited number of people in the room.

If the right technical decisions are used, it lets the business protect their employees from infection and guarantee that any potentially dangerous incident will be identified.

Tracking contacts

The RTLS systems perform ongoing contact tracking and monitor the social distance between the employees. They can also fix the number of contacts or the duration of the interaction. As soon as the rules are violated, the platform automatically warns the employees so that they can react accordingly.

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If one of the employees gets ill, it is possible to track all his contacts for the last two weeks. Unique tag identifiers for each worker help to provide the staff confidentiality and send warnings only to the people at risk.

Tracking the vital signs

Many enterprises introduce into their working processes the pre-shift control that includes checking the temperature before entering the office. However, it can’t guarantee that a person is not infected. His state can quickly change during the day so it’s really important to control his vital signs. RTLS helps in this question and allows timely detection of the infected workers.

Thanks to individual electronic tags it is possible to check all vital signs in real-time. The system tracks the pulse, temperature, level of perspiration, and other parameters and, in case they deviate from the norm, the system sends users a corresponding notification.

The real-time location system can function together with wearable equipment and wireless means of communication. Such modern technologies as Wi-Fi, UWB, and BLE are most suitable for implementing the system into the enterprise infrastructure.

The specialists from Navigine develop and implement software solutions for positioning and indoor navigation. We are ready to offer effective RTLS systems that will ensure high protection of the staff during the Covid’19 pandemic.