25 Apr 2022 11 min


Last update 19 MAY 2023

How to track contacts during the Covid-19 pandemic using Bluetooth®?

Navigine - How to track contacts during the Covid-19 pandemic using Bluetooth®?
25 Apr 2022 11 min


Last update 19 MAY 2023

Source - Anastasia Golub

In the face of the Covid-19 pandemic, working place safety is an important issue for enterprise managers. Nowadays many companies are searching for the most effective solutions that will let employees return to normal work without any risk of being infected. Bluetooth® contact tracing is one of such solutions. The technology allows tracking the movements of the staff during the day and, if necessary, easily traces the interaction of the infected person with other employees and finds the places where they have been since the time of the first symptoms.

How does Bluetooth® help trace contacts?

Before understanding the peculiarities of the contact tracing system, it’s necessary to define how it is different from social distancing. Social distancing is understood as keeping a safe distance between employees for reducing the risk of infection. In the case of the coronavirus, 2 m is enough to prevent the infection. Using social distancing tools, the distance between workers can be easily monitored. However, it should be noted that they are not enough to protect the staff from infection in offices or workshops.

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Bluetooth®-based contact tracing solutions can establish the connection of the employee with other people and detect the infected employees that have to be isolated. Several tasks can be solved thanks to this technology, including:

  • Tracking the travel history of the infected person;
  • Define the time of interaction with other people;
  • Sending push notifications to employees;
  • Detecting the places visited by the contact for further disinfection.

The integration of the system into the company’s infrastructure makes it possible to figure out the chain of contacts of the employee, allows the early detection of the infected people, and ensures quick and timely isolation in order to avoid new outbreaks of the infection.

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Principle of Bluetooth® contact tracing

Contact tracing is executed using iBeacon tracking and positioning technology. The platform is characterized by low energy consumption and doesn’t require high implementation costs. All the contacts are traced in real-time and saved in the history for later viewing. The system is capable of building the interactive maps of the premises, displaying the trajectory of movements, and defining the duration of the interaction between employees. The access to the provided information is protected and allowed only to the authorized people.

Contact tracking is executed in the following way:

  • Every employee is given a special iBeacon tag that has to be worn all the time. It can be a smartphone, a smart bracelet, or other similar devices.
  • Wearable tags emit radio signals with information on a regular basis and the readers, mounted in different parts of the building, receive these impulses and send them to the server for further processing.
  • The processed information is delivered to the smartphone or computer of the authorized person (manager, administrator, etc.). If any employee informs on having some symptom of the coronavirus, the authorized person can log into the application and see who this person has contacted with and which rooms he has entered.

Navigine specializes in developing navigation systems and offers its clients efficient software solutions for tracing contacts using Bluetooth®. We will help with implementing modern technologies that will improve the safety of working places and minimize the risks of infecting the staff.



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