Indoor Positioning with IoT podcast

Navigine - Indoor Positioning with IoT podcast
02 SEP 2021 · 8 MIN

In July, Navigine CEO Alexey and CMO Elvina recorded a podcast with IoT For All on indoor positioning using IoT.

In this episode, they tried to cover the following topics:

  • what is indoor navigation, indoor positioning, indoor tracking, and wayfinding;
  • for which areas of activity you can use the Navigine system;
  • what’s the difference between Navigine software and other similar solutions;
  • what technologies can be used for indoor navigation (BLE, Wi-Fi, UWB);
  • how the navigation and positioning market is developing.


You can listen to an episode of the podcast at

If you want to know more about the specifics of indoor positioning technology, write to us at


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Elvina S.
Marketing Fairy, Navigine CMO
A marketing expert with 7+ years of experience in B2B, responsible for marketing promotion of indoor navigation and positioning services for 5+ years. Elvina is a mastermind for the GTM strategy of Navigine solutions and products