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01 Mar 2024 5 min


Last update 01 MAR 2024

Navigating the Location: Insights from The Geospatial Index Podcast with Navigine

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Navigine - Navigating the Location: Insights from The Geospatial Index Podcast with Navigine
01 Mar 2024 5 min


Last update 01 MAR 2024

In the realm of geospatial technologies, where precision meets innovation, "The Geospatial Index" podcast serves as a platform for in-depth discussions on niche topics. Hosted by geospatial expert Wilfred Waters, the podcast recently featured Alexey Panyov, CEO of Navigine, shedding light on Indoor Positioning and Tracking.

Here is a short breakdown:

1. Indoor Positioning and Tracking

Indoor positioning and tracking focus on locating objects or individuals within enclosed spaces. Alexey Panyov highlighted its significance across sectors like manufacturing, logistics, healthcare, and retail, emphasizing its potential for business optimization. Furthermore, the market remains relatively nascent and can be described as a "Red Ocean" due to the absence of unified standards. However, Navigine consistently prioritizes privacy, recognizing its critical role in RTLS integration. Navigine consistently initiates projects at the Proof of Concept stage, demonstrating the system's advantages, features and capabilities.

2. Real-Time Location Systems (RTLS) in Warehouses

RTLS offers real-time tracking and monitoring within warehouses, improving inventory management and operational efficiency. By leveraging RTLS, warehouses can streamline processes and enhance productivity. For instance, Navigine observes that implementing RTLS in warehouses can yield productivity gains of over 10%, along with an 11% reduction in purchase collection time, illustrating a classic example of its efficacy.

3. Navigation Algorithms and Pedestrian Dead Reckoning (PDR)

Navigating indoor spaces requires sophisticated algorithms, including PDR, which estimates a user's position based on motion sensors. These algorithms ensure accurate navigation indoors, compensating for GPS limitations. PDR is a great algorithm to calculate positioning of people, since nowadays each and every one of us have smartphones with integrated sensors.

4. Open Source Initiatives in Indoor Navigation

Open-source projects play a crucial role in advancing indoor navigation technologies. Navigine's approach involves embracing open-source principles, fostering collaboration and innovation within the geospatial community. As emphasized by Alexey, the Navigine team possesses a robust R&D background, comprising numerous PhD holders and experts in navigation algorithms. Therefore, matters related to STEM and Open Source hold immense significance for the company.

5. Indoor Navigation and RTLS without beacons, based on AR technologies

Indoor Navigation and RTLS without reliance on beacons present a promising approach that holds significant potential for various domains, including museums and offices. Navigine offers an SDK tailored for camera-based navigation, which extends to both indoor and outdoor environments. However, Alexey acknowledges that this approach faces limitations concerning privacy and user experience. Certain facilities in sectors like manufacturing or healthcare may restrict camera usage, and the majority of users still perceive maps in a traditional two-dimensional format.

"The Geospatial Index" podcast provides valuable insights into the intricacies of geospatial technologies. Through expert discussions, listeners gain a deeper understanding of the evolving landscape of geospatial technologies.

Navigine is enthusiastic about participating in podcasts featuring geospatial experts and specialists, seeing it as an invaluable opportunity to share insights and collaborate with industry peers.


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