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Navigine Attends IPIN 2015

Traditions are great. Even new ones! Following our own tradition, today Navigine is again at IPIN annual conference and present another paper. Location information of devices in indoor environments has become a key issue for many emerging applications. However, there is no overall and easy solution. This year IPIN is hosted by University of Calgary in Canada and in sixth time will bring together experts in electronics, surveying and informatics. Our experts: Aleksei Smirnov, Head of R&D and Vasily Kosyanchuk, Lead Developer will represent the paper. Navigine - Navigine Attends IPIN 2015

What is it about? The constantly growing industry of indoor navigation employs a variety of approaches, including Wi-Fi/Bluetooth received signal strength (RSS), smartphone internal sensors (accelerometer, gyroscope, magnetometer) and constructing digital floor plans. However, none of these methods can avoid the time-consuming system implementation required for constructing the radio maps of received signals.

So in our paper - "Navigation System for a Wide Range of Tasks Based on Inertial Measurement Unit Aided with Heterogeneous Additional Information”, we propose a new method designed to significantly reduce the deployment stage through combining the mapping (SLAM) technique with a foot-mounted IMU allowing for simultaneous mapping and localization. Additionally, this approach helps to bypass the requirements for the detailed building plan and its wireless networks.

All our customers can benefit from this technology, but most out of it would get the first responders, firefighters and other emergency services that might require fast navigation in the spaces where there is no wireless infrastructure or it was destroyed.

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Oksana Bespalova