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Navigine Presented Industrial Precision At Hannover Messe

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Navigine - Navigine Presented Industrial Precision At Hannover Messe

Navigine provided standard tools of mobile platform integrated with SAP HANA and SAP Mobile Platform. In particular, the joint platform Navigine-SAP gave the possibility of implementing the following functions:

  • the collection, storage, and analysis of data on the movement and activities of visitors of the forum in real time during the event, as well as historical data analysis after the event;
  • navigation of visitors on the forum indicating the current position on the map, location of stands, lecture halls, demonstration zones and "bonus" points on the map of the forum and the construction of routes between points on a map;
  • visualization of the collected data and the results of their analysis in the form of "heat maps" of stands and presentations attendance, data panel with charts in real time;
  • support special loyalty program with gamification elements with charge users of the mobile app virtual points for completing activities from a predetermined list and subsequent conversion of points collected in prizes and gifts from the organizers and partners;
  • support integration with social networks (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.) and displays messages from the profiles SAP CIS, as well as search and analysis of retweets messages, mentions and hash tags in the public lines of other users (in conjunction with technology partner company Opiner).

Thus, the output is time-limited existence (the day of the event), place-limited (the forum), with specific quality of the audience (highly skilled professionals) interactive communication network micro scale. It is a storehouse of all sorts of interesting information for analysis and subsequent monetization.



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Oksana Bespalova
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