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11 Mar 2024 4 min


Last update 11 MAR 2024

Navigine Unveils Innovative Open Source Library for Indoor Navigation

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Navigine - Navigine Unveils Innovative Open Source Library for Indoor Navigation
11 Mar 2024 4 min


Last update 11 MAR 2024

[Berlin, 13 March] - Navigine, a global provider of integrated positioning and tracking technologies, is proud to announce the release of their latest contribution to the Open Source community: the Indoor Routing Library. This new library, available on Navigine's Github repository, involves a comprehensive set of navigation and wayfinding algorithms tailored specifically for indoor environments.

With the Indoor Routing Library, developers can get access to a set of navigation algorithms designed to streamline the creation of location-powered applications for indoor wayfinding. By leveraging advanced routing algorithms, developers can now build solutions that offer enhanced accuracy and efficiency in navigating complex indoor spaces.

"At Navigine, we're passionate about pushing the boundaries of indoor positioning technology and fostering collaboration within the community," said Pavel Tychinin, CTO at Navigine. "We believe that by making our navigation and wayfinding algorithms openly accessible, we can empower developers to create innovative indoor navigation solutions that benefit everyone."

Key features of the Indoor Routing Library include:

  • A versatile collection of wayfinding algorithms optimized for indoor routing graphs.
  • An ability to set start and destination points outside the graph, i.e. a possibility to project these points onto the original graph and add corresponding edges to it.
  • Support for various indoor environments and spaces, catering to diverse use cases.
  • Support for multi-level graphs to accommodate complex indoor environments with multiple levels or floors.
  • Seamless integration with existing location-based applications and platforms.
  • Directional hints/events guiding users towards their destinations.

The release of the Indoor Routing Library underscores Navigine's commitment to advancing Open Source initiatives in the field of indoor positioning and tracking. By sharing their expertise and technology with the wider community, Navigine aims to accelerate innovation and drive the adoption of indoor navigation solutions across industries.

Developers, researchers, and organizations interested in exploring the Indoor Routing Library can access it directly on Navigine's Github repository.

For more information about Navigine and their indoor positioning solutions, visit Navigine’s website.

About Navigine:

Navigine is a leading provider of indoor positioning and tracking solutions, offering cutting-edge technology and expertise to enable seamless navigation of indoor environments. With a focus on innovation and collaboration, Navigine is dedicated to driving the advancement of indoor positioning technology and empowering developers to create transformative location-based applications.

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